Tauranga Arts Festival

YOURS by Laura Marsh for Tauranga Arts Festival

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Tauranga Arts Festival called for submissions for a public art installation for the 2013 festival (24 Oct - 3 Nov). The brief asked artists to submit concepts that would have a 'strong visible impact, a memorable aesthetic and conceptual addition to the Festival space.'

The brief also asked for proposals that would 'meet the values and aims of the Arts Festival: inspire, involve, entertain.'

YOURS, Truly by Laura Marsh was selected from the proposals because it is "a conceptually strong piece that encapsulates the vision of the Festival. It's ability to change meaning and appearance over the duration of the festival is interesting. Even more interesting will be how the work changes as the public and festival goers claim ownership of it. A primary appeal of the work is that it will engage with the public 24/7, from a distance or up close." - The Judging Panel

YOURS, Truly is a 7ft high wooden 'fence of letters' or 'letters of fence'. The work explores the concept of ownership, and light-heartedly alludes to cultural issues in New Zealand such as land-access rights, claim and leverage. Usually a fence is a divider: YOURS is a fence that does not keep anyone from anything, instead inviting connections and sharing between people in the spirit of goodwill.

The letter Y is painted in a neutral tone, while O,U,R and S are left unpainted, the fence can effectively also be read as OURS. The letter Y is adorned with coathooks, allowing the public to hang coats or similar items that they would like someone else to have. The covering up of the letter Y with clothing may change peoples readings of whether it is YOURS or OURS.

At the end of the day, depending on quantity of items and the weather, all shared items will be gathered and given to charity or rehung the next day.

The inaugural Festival Front Yard Installation (what Tauranga Arts Festival have called the project) is an exciting step toward opening up the opportunity for artists to explore the Festival space in Tauranga.

And YOURS, Truly is a truly wonderful start to a series of Festival Front Yard Installations that will inspire, develop and entertain.


24 October - 3 November

10 days & nights