Humphrey Hanley

Worth Being Awake

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Worth Being Awake is the debut exhibition of photography by Humphrey Hanley, aka No Hands No Excuses - a showing of photographs that are as much about my journey as an artist as they are about the images I have captured.

I am a photographer, videographer, motivational speaker, and advocate for people with disabilities all over the world. I was born with the rare genetic skin condition Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa - the worst condition you've never heard of. With skin as fragile as a butterfly's wing, it can feel like I have battled through more challenges just getting bandaged and ready to face the day, than most people face all year, or even lifetime.

I am certainly not one to dwell on those challenges however, so I do everything I can to make sure there's one moment in every day worth being awake for - and thus the exhibition idea was born. An eclectic collection of photography I've captured while getting out into the world to share my journey with everyone, and challenge the able and disabled alike, to do the same.

Worth Being Awake has secured a space and time, to be held at the Bloom Gallery in Newtown, Wellington, from the 22nd of March to the 6th of April. Now it needs your support to become a reality, by helping cover the costs of printing, framing, promoting and making sure the guests, critics, fans, and avid supporters turn up on opening night!

The Artist, Humphrey Hanley: I am an avid coffee drinker, photographer, videographer, and even a licenced drone pilot, but most importantly I enjoy motivating, inspiring, and challenging people through the content I create. Several years ago I started No Hands No Excuses, as a platform to motivate every day people to achieve their best, by showing them what a guy with fragile skin, and no hands, can get out there and do every day!

Over the years this has expanded, grown, and changed into many different avenues of creating art and content for people to enjoy, but also be inspired by. I love taking my camera out, finding interesting angles on every day things, and telling the story not just of what I see, but the physical journey of what it takes for me to get out of the house every day to see these things!

Worth Being Awake is the next step on this journey - a first opportunity for me to take my art and creations from the digital space, and bring them to life on the walls of a gallery for everyone to see! I am very excited by this exhibition, and have high hopes that it will open the door to many more opportunities to grow my dream of making a career out of creating inspriing and motivational content for everyone to enjoy.

Every dollar you can contibute helps me get one step closer to making the dream a reality, and I cannot express how much I appreciate that. Thank you! 



  • Thank you!


    Hello friends, whanau, and amazing supporters!

    I am so grateful to all of you for helping me make this dream a reality. 

    We've hit that target of $2k and pushed ahead with getting the pictures printed and framed! The gallery is preparing and the poster company are getting set to promote it around town! 


    There have been quite a few extra costs that weren't apparent when I set up the campaign, so I really appreciate the extra donations. It is all going directly into things like a fresh coat of paint and framing more of the pictures. 


    All in all I'm really excited to be opening on Friday! March 22 at Bloom Gallery from 6pm, if you're free please know you're invited to join us! Glass of wine and a few nibbles included! Keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook for updates!