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The first South Auckland Writers Festival is coming in October and we have a great line-up of writers. Can you help us get the word out? Help us keep our website up and running now and into the future so we can strengthen and build on what we have.

One of the joys of modern day life, is a website, in which we can advertise, promote, tell you about our aims, and of course, sell tickets to our event. Our website builder has been amazing and the team at wordswillwork are deeply grateful.

In a perfect world, every event would be sold out and we would easily cover our costs and have some capital to kick start the next festival with.......

However, just in case that doesn't happen, despite our best efforts, we need financial help!

Your generous donations will go towards running the website, now and for future festivals. It also assists us to keep ticket prices as low as possible so that the festival is accessible to everyone.

We believe writing can lift peoples spirits, allowing them to share common human strengths and frailties. We hope this non-profit event will become a biennial festival, that it will support and encourage writers from all cultures and backgrounds, dare to dream, work hard and become published authors.

We have a plethora of writers and poets which will inspire young and old. The South Auckland Poets Collective is running a workshop for performance poetry, to encourage young people to find their voice.

Jo Emeney and Ros Ali will deliver a workshop designed for young people 15-25. Jo and Ros are the programme facilitators for the Michael King Young Writers Programme. We are also offering workshops for memoir from Deborah Shepard and a life writing and Journal writing workshop with Anne Bissell.

We have a variety of workshops and talks: Children's writers, poetry, memoir, crime, historical novels and self-publishing, something for everyone.

Thank you again. If you havn't already done so, please have a laugh at the expense of the fool in our video.

Holly Langley
Words Will Work
South Auckland Writers Festival


  • Wordswilwork - South Auckland Writers Festival


    Wow!  To all you wonderful people who helped us reach our goal, a huge thank you. The team at wordswillwork are so very grateful. This will help launch the South Auckland Writers festival as an ongoing event and for that you should be very proud.


    Thanks to everyone at boosted.

    Holly Langley 


  • Wordswilwork - South Auckland Writers Festival


    A huge thank you to all those generous people who have donated to our event. We don't know if we will make the target, but just knowing that there are people out there like yourselves, is a 'boost' in itself. Heart felt thanks,

    Holly Langley,

    coordinator Wordswillwork