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Woolston Brass 125th Anniversary CD Recording

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Founded in 1891, Woolston Brass is one of Christchurch's most enduring music institutions and has a proud and distinguished history of 125 years. As part of Woolston Brass' 125th Anniversary celebrations, the band is recording a CD entitled 'The Woolstonian' to commemorate and document this special occasion in history. Play a part in its creation and support this iconic music organisation by donating today to their Boosted Campaign.

Woolston Brass is one of New Zealand's most successful contesting bands; under the music direction of Tyme Marsters the band will be recorded by Michael Bell and his team at Orange Studio, based at Ferrymead in Christchurch.

The Woolstonian CD will feature two new compositions; a March entitled 'The Woolstonian' written by New Zealand composer Kenneth Young for Woolston Brass' 125th Anniversary and 'He is Starlight' written by New Zealand composer Anthony Ritchie. 'He is Starlight' was premiered by Woolston Brass in October 2015 at the UNESCO Starlight Festival and Ritchie dedicated the composition to his late father Professor John Ritchie; a former New Zealand composer, Patron of Woolston Brass and supporter of the Arts. Other works will include a selection of solo performances from talent within the band, marches, sacred and concert items.

The Woolstonian CD will reflect Woolston Brass of 2016 and its new era in history with Tyme Marsters who was appointed as Music Director in 2015.




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