Vida Gibson

Women and Water

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'Women and Water' is a merging of theatre, music and ritual to create a regenerative experience just for you. You will be guided through a series of rituals and play looking at the correlation between water and wombs, aided by live musicians. Basically a private gig but way cooler. Women and Water is a playful and intriguing exploration and expansion of our daily rituals.

I'm an emerging theatre maker and performer based in Auckland, Aoteroa. I'm inspired by the work of healers around the globe and how this medium can merge with art. I'm also inspired by funky people and helping people to feel funky.

My collaborators on this work are Ella Gilbert, who recently performed her work 'Soft Tissue' at Basement Theatre; Frankie Berge, who already has a collection of beautiful short films under her belt; Samuel Austin, whose killer at drums; Conor Strati, who plays keys like a boss; Freya Finch, who is my partner both in life and in art making; and Doug Grant, who I've worked with in multiple shows with our collective 'Positive Devience'. They're all really great and wanna bring you the best 20 minutes they can. 

This baby is opening in one week! We are currently whipping up a water bed vibrational experience, a private womb tent and a water ritual room. We want to theatre pamper you like no tomorrow but we need a little $$$ to make it as spectacular as we can. 

Funds will go towards rehearsal space, props, a projector and a water bed.

Thanks for your support, we appreciate it!

V xx