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Woman of Citrus

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Grace Bentley debuts in Auckland with her juicy new solo show Woman of Citrus. The story of a young woman who returns to her rural hometown of Kerikeri, caught up in a deep existential crisis looking for answers. In the complex world of this seemingly quiet town we meet the five Women of Citrus who, through striking flow-filled movement, quirky poetry and morphing crack-up characters, show her, and us, a new perspective on life, identity and self-empowerment.

First performed in Wanaka as part of the sell-out season of Tall Tales in August 2018, Woman of Citrus is a coming of age story like you've never experienced before. Laugh and cry with the Women of Citrus as they sweep you into the complex world of Kerikeri orchards and see the world through Grace's unique perspective as a Ghanaian-Pakeha. An uplifting and invigorating tale which weaves together rural life, prejudice, womanhood, the complexities of mixed race identity and the connections one can form between cultures and people through laughter.

"Woman of Citrus intends to bring forward a conversation about finding your identity. I hope this show can stimulate cultural exchange and help people develop shared understandings with each other and what it means to call Aotearoa home." - Grace Bentley (writer, performer)

Directed by award-winning playwright Jo Randerson (Banging Cymbal, Clanging Gong) with dramaturgy by Dione Joseph (America Rex), added creative assistance by Ana Schotney (Contours of Heaven,The Breaker Uppers), design by Hannah Clerk and Amanda Tito this show is set up to be a creative powerhouse, a contemporary story yet to be recognised in NZ, bursting into Basement Theatre this April.


We are crowdfunding in order to build set, make sure our awesome team is fed and watered, and account for admin and travel costs. Your donation, even the smallest amount, will make a huge difference to this project and the amazing women making it happen.