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Within Outside

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An immersive installation exhibiting in early December, at 30Upstairs Gallery, Wellington.

This project is the second in a series exploring the phenomenon of "reality". My installation environments involve the audience entering inside the work in order to activate the work. As our everyday lives accelerate into a digitally navigated world, I am interested in building environments that reconnect our senses and body to space, where spontaneous human interaction may occur. The playful and joyful nature of the work creates accessibility to people of all ages.

This project reflects upon the relationship between our psychological and physiological selves, the experience of our inner and outer bodies in space, prompted by a world of sensory experience. It responds specifically to the quirky characteristics of the gallery spaces and plays with the natural light paths of the sun. Reflection, air currents, sound and tempo are also used to push the goer into unfamiliar states - sometimes alarming, often tranquilizing but always at some point allowing the goer to "drop their guard", to shift to a new experience.


  • The Skylight


    The Skylight
  • Grahame with gib lifter


    Grahame with gib lifter
  • The team


    Thanks for all your support. Apologies for the lack of update. Transforming five spaces in ten days is epic, exciting and only possible with the amazing team, Val and Grahame Joyce, Tony Kellaway and Tomas Richardson.

    Follows are a few photos showing some progress.

    I would recommend Pete and his team from Cameron and Ryan Transport to anyone who has to move artwork, props or anything precious. They moved all the prepped components from Paraparaumu to the 30 Upstairs Gallery and were fantastic.

    Photo one is a sneak peek that doesn’t really show anything but the ribbons where untied today and the rolled fabric was released…

    Finding out there is such a machine as a gib lifter that enabled us to install the mirrored ceiling – phew! See photo with Grahame that follows.

    The skylight is still a mystery to all and getting it to fit was a triump. See photo that follow.

    The team
  • Vox pops


    Some wonderful quotes from some very lovely people from the work featured, that was made earlier this year.

    Quote from CATHRYN ROBINSON Director, Women in Leadership at Ministry of Women's Affairs

    " Katherine Joyce Kellaway's installation Body over Mind - Nobody never Mind, for Massey Graduate Show in 2013 was the stand out art piece of the exhibition. I was transfixed and enchanted by its luminous virtuosity. It continues to haunt and delight me. It was magic."

    Quote from HEATHER GALBRAITH, Head of Art School, Massey University

    Katherine Joyce Kellaway's installation was a real highlight of the Massey University MFA graduation show in February this year. It offered a deliciously destabilising sensory encounter, which was relished by visitors. I am excited to see how the project for 30 Upstairs develops the investigation of haptic experiences through the creation of immersive environments.

    Quote from PETER WILSON from Little Dog Barking Theatre

    "I walked into the space not knowing what was in store, and was immediately transformed to a place where my imaginations were mirrored before me.

    I had known Katherine for a number of years but now face to face with her creative and innovative installation, I was meeting another Katherine who I had never known but wished that I had.

    Such an exciting and unexpected meeting with her work."

    Quote from Dr. MARTIN PATRICK Senior Lecturer, School of Fine Arts

    Katherine Kellaway’s work involved a rigorously orchestrated, highly controlled maze-like situation, which was intensely disorientating but rather than prompting anxiety or claustrophobia, it summoned an utterly childlike joy and playfulness from its willing participants.

  • Neil Mancer


    A very generous donation by Neil Mancer has been incorrectly attributed to me.

    Thank you Neil and all for your generous support.

  • Parent abuse


    The photo’s of my Mother and Father helping me has caused some interesting quips. Elder abuse and sweat shop has been mentioned. Just to set record straight, I have consent forms and I had the following conversation with Val and Grahame.

    K - ‘Why, are you helping me?”

    G - “Because you asked us to.”

    K - “Oh, but are happy to?”

    G - “Yes, we really wanted to help and be involved”

    G - “Sometimes we wonder why?”

  • Within the Fog at Seaview looking across to Petone


    Within the Fog at Seaview looking across to Petone
  • Petone foreshore looking across to Seaview


    Petone foreshore looking across to Seaview
  • Val snipping


    Val snipping
  • Within Outside


    Thank you so much to all for your generous contributions towards the project.

    This week the team is painting and cutting off hundreds of threads from the 250 metres of fabric. I am blessed with parents who not only support my wild ideas but totally get in behind me and help me make them come to life.
    Photos below are of Dad, Grahame, trimming the skylight box and Mum, Val, prepping the fabric.

    Wellington folk probably saw and experienced the sea fog that rolled into the harbour last Friday. Creating a curtain of white over Eastbourne and Seaview, it was quite spectacular and many people like myself stopped on Petone foreshore to capture the natural phenomenon on Iphones . I then drove to Eastbourne to experience it from the other-side, not well captured on the phone but the experience connected to aspects of the installation. A contrast of repressive suffocation within a floating expanse of beauty.

    Thanks a bunch

    Within Outside
  • Within Outside


  • Within Outside