Steph Miller

Wild - Short Film

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Wild is a short film by Writer/Director Steph Miller, in collaboration with other talented creatives.

Wild is Tui's story, a young Maori woman struggling with issues of identity and grappling with reality in the wake of trauma. Although deep in the New Zealand wilderness, Tui soon comes to realise she's not alone and can no longer run from her past.

This ambitious project encompasses everything from underwater sequences to vast drone shots of the native NZ bush.

Actress Shania Baiyley-Edmonds connects to this character on many levels, feeding from her own Maori heritage in her process to realise Tui's character.

Composer Liam Reid is consulting with traditional Taonga Puoro musicians to provide a uniquely kiwi, uniquely Wild, score for the film.

Production Designer Belle Gwilliam is working tirelessly to realise Steph's vision for the film in terms of prop and set design.

Costumer designer Philippa Perry adds another level to the film with her spectacular costume design and construction.

The film, being made as part of the MFA (CP) degree in Film at Victoria University, has been a long time coming; with script development spanning over a year and half, the story is ready for the screen.

The Wild film crew have been lucky enough to receive sponsorship towards the budget from TSB bank, and Victoria University, and are now SO CLOSE to reaching their target.

The funds required to make this film are going towards:
Paying actors
Gear that is not supplied by the University
Transportation costs
Catering costs
Location fees/ rental costs
Paying musicians
Art department / set construction
Costume materials

This film is a labour of love for so many talented creatives as the 15+ person crew are all working without pay to realise this project.

We can squeeze through with another $1500 to cover our immediate costs, and so we have set the target here as this project needs to reach 100% of this goal to receive any of the funds.

Any extra funds we can raise allow us more creative freedom and can really make a massive difference to the end result, so let's go for our dream figure of $2500!

On behalf of Steph and the rest of the Wild film crew - thank you for reading this far and thank you in advance to anyone willing to help us out!