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What Logan Did

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Have you ever walked away from a 'brilliant' idea on the basis that it was too hard, too big or just too weird? Luckily for us, and for the planet, no one seems to have told Logan Williams that walking away is an option.

Logan Williams. This might be the first time you've heard this name… but I'll guarantee it won't be the last. Driven by the desire to restore balance to the planet, Logan Williams is a young man making a huge impact. At just 22, this young Ngāi Tahu inventor already has some mind-blowing, improbable and seemingly impossible achievements under his belt.

In this documentary we find out about his latest mission - to rid New Zealand's rivers of Didymo.

Didymo is an invasive algae native to South America and was first discovered here in 2004. Despite major efforts to contain it, Didymo has now infested many of the South Island's most iconic rivers including the Rangitata and the Tekapo River. It can be spread by a single drop of water or plant fragment and not only looks hideous (they don't call it rock snot for nothing), it also poses a massive threat to native wildlife and a river's fragile ecosystem. Put simply, Didymo kills rivers.

Rather than walk away from the problem, Logan Williams is wading in, up to his neck - making it his mission to completely eliminate Didymo and restore the health of the South Island's precious waterways. And the way he is going about it is truly remarkable.

When I first heard about Logan and his amazing vision, I knew this was a story that needed to be heard. This film weaves together two themes that I am very passionate about - firstly, the impact that we humans have had on our environment over the past century and secondly, my fascination with 'visionaries', those brave enough to act on their ideas and inspirations, no matter how crazy, daunting or unachievable they may seem at first.

Our short has been selected to be made as part of the Loading Docs initiative. Along with principal funder NZ On Air and with support from the New Zealand Film Commission and Te Māngai Pāho, they want to see the film get made just as much as we do. Loading Docs will provide an additional $4,450 and cover post-production costs, but only as long as we reach our funding goal as of part of the development process.

We're incredibly grateful to Loading Docs and to Logan for allowing us to tell his story. To do justice to this opportunity we are seeking to raise a further $6000 through this Boosted campaign. This will enable us to take our cameras and crew into remote South Island locations and really showcase the scale and beauty of the majestic rivers that inspired Logan's work.

Any donation you can afford will be gratefully received. That's the great thing about crowd funding… even the small donations add up! It will also help us immensely if you can like or share this campaign through your networks and Facebook. Share and spread the word!

As a boosted supporter of What Logan Did you'll not only be helping to raise awareness and help curb the spread of Didymo but you'll also be encouraging tomorrow's problem solvers to not be shy of their ideas, to realise their dreams .... and dare to have an impact!




    We are very happy to announce that our film What Logan Did is now LIVE online!

    We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to you, for the generous donations that helped fund our documentary production and for all the on going support and encouragement you have given us throughout the journey. We are very proud of our film, we hope you will be too!

    Thank you!

    Jane & Josie


    Watch the full collection at www.loadingdocs.net or www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/loading-docs



    Why hello there, it's been a while!

    Well things are getting pretty exciting around here! Our short documentary What Logan Did is finally complete and will be hitting the world wide web along with the other nine Loading Docs shorts at the end of this month! 🙌

    We think it's pretty nice and can't wait to share it with you...our amazing, generous, encouraging supporters!

    Stayed tunes friends!



    Well we are nearly at the end of our Boosted crowd-funding campaign for What Logan Did, boy what a ride!

    We are so appreciative of all the support you have given us. Thank you so much for your very generous donations and for sharing our story.

    We got given an extension on the campaign due to a few technical issues with the Boosted website. We were given an extra 4 days to boost our campaign and we now only have 38 hours left!!

    Every day we inch a little closer to our $6000 target but we still need help to get there. Please keep sharing the link to our campaign via your networks, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, email or spread the word by a having a good old natter.

    Help us raise at least 6k before June 26th....that's tomorrow!

    Ngā mihi nui
    Jane & Josie


  • Thanks to you we're over half way to 6K!


    Thank you very much everyone, with all your generous donations in just over a week we have raised $3340, that’s over 50% of our $6000 target! Amazing!

    Your memories shared of time spent by our rivers and your messages of encouragement are very humbling. We are really looking forward to bringing Logan’s story to you and highlighting the issue of Didymo through the Loading Docs platform.

    We’re over half way but still have a way to go to reach our $6000 TARGET, so please keep sharing, liking, telling anyone and everyone about our film and help us get there by June 22nd....we have 20 days to go!

    Thank you
    Jane & Josie


    Thanks to you we're over half way to 6K!
  • Thank you for supporting us!


    WOW, we've raised 81% of our 2K target in just 48 hours! Thank you so much to those who have shown their support by donating or sharing our campaign. THANK YOU!

    We have to keep going though if we want to reach our stretch target of $6000 by June 22nd, so please please keeping sharing our campaign and telling your friends, family, work colleges what we're up too. Every contribution small or large makes a big difference!

    Jane & Josie


  • Thank you, thank you!


    6K target… here we come!
    A huge THANK YOU to those who’ve been first off the block to donate on day one of our crowd-funding campaign.

    You might be confused by our apparent $2,000 ‘goal’. The way Boosted works, if you don’t reach your goal all donations are returned to the donors. $2,000 is the minimum we must raise to meet our obligations to Loading Docs but we’re encouraged to publicise our ‘stretch goal’ which is the amount we need to actually fund the production – in our case this stretch goal is $6,000!

    So, it’s a great start, thank you...but we have a wee way to go!

    Please please share and help us reach our 6K target!

    Follow us on Facebook for more updates. www.facebook.com/theprojectionroomnz

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