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Wet Hot Beauties | Sea Change 2017

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The Wet Hot Beauties Present Sea Change

The Wet Hot Beauties are New Zealand's unique, all inclusive, contemporary water ballet troupe.

Sea Change is a visually spectacular exploration of girl power, liberation and the ties that bind packaged into a full-length water ballet at Parnell Baths as part of the February 2017 Auckland Fringe and Pride Festivals.

What Makes The Wet Hot Beauties So Damn Special?

Glamour! Excitement! Danger! It's luscious, leggy ladies in gorgeous swimming caps with hot-red lips.

Nine years ago, founders Pip Hall and Judy Dale were told that they were too old to learn synchronised swimming. Instead of giving up, they founded the Wet Hot Beauties and reinvented the forgotten art of water ballet in the process. Growing from 11 brave souls to a troupe of more than 100, the Wet Hot Beauties is a fully inclusive water-ballet company delivering high-quality performances in the pool and ocean to the wider Auckland community.  

Inspired by the charming and spectacular aquacades of early cinema's delightful 1930s and 1940s era and the kaleidoscopic designs of Hollywood movie director and water musical choreographer, Busby Berkeley, this contemporary spin on water ballet is physical, theatrical and unique. 

The Wet Hot Beauties operate with a kaupapa of body-positivity, easy accessibility and easy achievability. As a community we gather afresh each Auckland summer to learn new skills. Glamorous and classy - most of all it's fun and cool and everyone is welcome to join!

With Auckland-regional reach, wide local participation and feel-good national coverage, both the 2011 and 2013 seasons won Auckland Fringe Festival's Peoples Choice Award, being the media feel-good, sold-out hits of the summer.

Why We Need Your Help

The Wet Hot Beauties are currently developing Sea Change, our third full- length water ballet and a visually spectacular exploration of girl power, liberation and the ties that bind.

Transforming the iconic Parnell Baths into a Wet Hot Beauties haven across 6 summer nights, Sea Change embarks on a journey that reflects the feelings and experiences of being female in this modern world. It's kick-ass women floating in glamorous synchronicity to a stunning soundtrack of Nina Simone, The Motels, Sia and Beyoncé. 

The money you help us raise will go towards venue hire, paying designers and crew as well as creating sets, sourcing props and of course, buying a whole new range of our iconic swimming caps!

More than this, your contribution will help us to create a show that will be a joyous, transformative arts experience for audiences and participants alike. Being a Wet Hot Beauty is more than simply being in a show - it is about the empowerment, body positivity and sense of belonging that develops throughout the rehearsal process. From new mothers, to working professionals to adventurous grandmothers, all our Wet Hot Beauties develop a confidence and sense of joy that ripples throughout the wider Auckland community. Our ethos is to celebrate women and to make dance accessible to everyone, and your generous support will be a significant way to help make this happen. 

The Wet Hot Beauties' Sea Change will be a life-affirming, joyful and inclusive celebration and we'd love for you to be a part of this journey. 

Creative Team

Co Producers/Sea Change Co-Creators: Judy Dale & Pip Hall

Choreographer/ Sea Change Co-Creator: Lara Liew

Lighting Designer: Brad Gledhill

Sound Designer: Jason Smith

Production/Stage Manager: Justin Gregory



  • We heart you!


    Thanks to everybody who made our Boosted campaign such a raging success.  We really appreciate all your support. Here's a quick video from the Beauties expressing our gratitude.


    Also, since you're interested parties, we thought we'd let you know tickets are now on sale, and selling fast, so we don't want you to miss out.  

    Have a safe and happy holiday season, wishing you happiness and health.


  • Caps in the Air! A thousand thank yous!


    We made it!

    Woo hoo! Caps in the air! Happy, happy splashy dance!
    Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you!

    Wet Hot Beauties are so very humbled, honored and grateful to everyone who has donated to our campaign. Friends. Whanau. Workmates. Loved ones. Small sons who donated two weeks pocket money without prompting. The troupe itself. You truly put the ‘community’ into ‘community event’. The show absolutely could not go on without you and we water ballerinas salute you.

    Our Boosted campaign still has time to run, so if you haven’t yet donated but still want to contribute, please feel free to do so. Any and all donations are still gratefully received.

    Any additional money raised will go towards activating our grand design plans – pimping out the Parnell Baths, set dressing, make up design and product, additional props. Designs items that will lift our show from being visually interesting into something truly extraordinary.


    Caps in the Air!  A thousand thank yous!
  • Five days to go! Can you please help us find some more love?


    Thanks so much for your very generous support. 

    We're half way there and need a bit of a push to get us over the line this week.  We'd greatly appreciate it if you could forward our campaign to friends and loved ones to join you in supporting us in our quest for joy.

    Here is five good reasons for your networks to support our Wet Hot Beauties Boosted campaign.

    1. We're the only company in New Zealand and perhaps the Southern Hemisphere who does work of this kind. Over the last nine years we have evolved our art form into something truly unique.

    2. Our group is fully inclusive, anyone who wants to be a water ballerina can join our group. As long as they can count to eight.

    3. We're family friendly. Lots of babies, small children, loved ones and the ocassional pet join us over the rehearsal period when needed.

    4. Our water ballerinas are every day people, each with their own special reasons for being here. Some of them have never performed before, or not since school anyway, and performing in public dressed in only their togs is a huge challenge for them. But yet, here they are, smashing through their own boundaries, doing it anyway. We salute their commitment and their courage.

    5. The show has the potential to be something amazing, EIGHTY water ballerinas splashing around in canons and dives, making beautiful pattern work with their bodies. Pimping out the Parnell Baths with lights and seating and music. It's going to be a huge spectacle ,and as always, fun and feel good.


    Five days to go!  Can you please help us find some more love?
  • Celebrating the Female Form


    Strong. Short. Tall. Round. Curvy. Slim. Svelt. Buxom. Amazonian. Elven......

    “Wowsers! I didn’t know women came in so many shapes and sizes!!!”.

    This quote from a bright eyed, awe inspired teenage boy after seeing one of our Wet Hot Beauties shows.

    We at Wet Hot Beauties pride ourselves on being body positive at every age. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel good about life.

    By donating to our Boosted campaign you have helped us celebrate the female form in all its glory. 


    Celebrating the Female Form
  • A Bit of Monday Whimsy


    We feel everyone needs a bit of whimsy to kickstart their Monday morning! Check out this time lapse of our super-quick Wet Hot Beauties. Excited to see our choreography shaping up!


    A Bit of Monday Whimsy
  • Thank You!


    We just wanted to take a moment to say a big "Thank You" to all of our generous patrons! We also thought many of you may well be asking how exactly the Wet Hot Beauties create such glorious, inspiring water ballet? Check out our latest video as choreographer-extraordinaire Lara Liew and some stunning Wet Hot Beauties test some of the materials and images for Sea Change 2017.

  • The Art of Joy


    Anyone else in desperate need of a bit of joy today?! Check out Wet Hot Beauties co-founder Pip Hall and her TedX talk as she reflects on The Art of Joy.

    As Pip says, Joy is 'an antidote to this crazy, fearful, modern world we live in… And joy not only makes you feel good, it makes you feel more alive.'

    The Wet Hot Beauties are all about the joy and a kaupapa of belonging and inclusivity, all while busting out some cheeky synchronized water ballet. Help us to spread some joyful aroha by contributing to our boosted campaign. As Beyoncé reminds us, 'Who runs the world? Girls (but only with the help of our generous patrons)'. 

    The Art of Joy