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Wellington Young Actors present Twelfth Night

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Wellington Young Actors are back, hot on the heels from our sold-out season of To Sunder where we won Best Newcomer at the NZ Fringe.

We are twelve 12-17 year olds, preparing to storm BATS with Twelfth Night by Will Shakespeare.

Since NZ Fringe, we have gained two new members, we are getting bigger (and taller) and more and more professional, hoping to win more awards and also the hearts of our audiences. We are in training as we work towards presenting theatre that can stand up to professionals. We aim to impress.

Twelfth Night is going to be at BATS theatre, which is a huge feat for actors as young as us! We need to raise money to shift the BATS Dome space into traditional Elizabethan thrust staging. We're eager to learn this style of stagecraft and The Dome is one of the very few spaces in the whole of Wellington that can accommodate it. Our teacher/director, Deborah Eve Rea has just returned from training at The Globe, London and would love to pass on her knowledge to us.

We can't pack in during normal hours- we have school! We need to raise money to pay for BATS staff to be present after hours so that we can set everything up and rehearse before our opening night. Because this is such a big project, our teacher needs some help. We need to employ a fight choreographer and someone to help us with the music so that Debs can concentrate on directing and producing the show and coaching us to do great performances.

We have already raised enough money to cover most of our costumes, set, tech and rehearsal space thanks to the generous backing of Wellington City Council- now we just need to put the audience in the right place!


  • WE DID IT!


    Thank you all so much for helping to being this project into fruitition!

    Wellington Young Actors are feeling very supported and very loved. Because of your donations these young people are able to train in the following:

    Performing for thrus staging

    Fight choreography

    Singing and music

    Producing a show at BATS Theatre

    Performing Shakespeare

    Any extra funds will be used for more rehearsal time and costuming- we would love to take advantage of an amazing discount we have been offered by Frank Casey to dress our boys in smiffy suits.

    Thanks again for helping Wellington Young Actors to raise the Bard! Here is what our theatre will look like, now that we can afford to shift it!


    Deborah Eve Rea




    WE DID IT!
  • Stage Fighting


    Rehersal today was great! Peter came in and helped us with our stage fighting scenes, lots of fake punches and swords, very exciting!

    We are at 90%! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Everything is coming along nicely, and we are looking forward to performing very soon!

  • Tickets On Sale


    Tickets for our show are now on sale! Make sure to get your tickets at

    We have officially past the half way mark in terms of the money we need to raise. We're now at 56%. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we promise the show will be worth it!

  • Free rehearsals!


    Thanks to Lisa for letting us have the Island Bay Community center for free on Sundays! This means we get more rehearsals, which is great.

    We are at 46%! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we really appreciate it! We are getting closer and closer to our performance, and we can't wait for you all to see it.

  • Guest Tutors


    Thank you to everyone who has donated we have now reached 34% of our goal!

    Yesterday we had three guest tutors come and in to teach us some stuff. So thank you to Peter for teaching some of us stage combat for our fight scenes in Twelfth Night. Thank you to Lori for coming in and teaching us all about who is a lecturer at Vic uni for Shakespeare for coming in and teaching us a lot about the language of Shakespeare, our play itself, and may other helpful things. And finally thank you to Julia for coming in to help us with all of the music that we will be incorporating into our show. 

    We're working incredibly hard and our show is coming along great. We can't wait for you all to see it!

    Guest Tutors
  • More donations


    We're rising up guys!
    We are currently at 15%!
    Thank you to Sarah Pascoe, Joe Ulberg, Victoria Vincent and Galit Maxwell for donating! As well as the anonymous one, we didn't forget you.
    We are getting closer and closer to our goal with each donation, and closer and closer to having our show ready with each rehersal.
    Here's a video of us practicing our songs:

  • First Donations


    Thank you so much to Max and Barefoot Guru for our first two donations! We are now at 8% of our goal! We have been rehearsing non stop these school holidays to make our show the best it can be for you guys. We are looking forward to being able to show everyone our hard work next month!

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