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Welcome to the Murder House

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Indian Ink is one of New Zealand's most successful theatre companies. For almost 20 years we've been creating work that is beautiful, funny, sad and true with a reputation for "total theatre which offers humanity and psychological insight in a package of good plain laughs, luminous performances and brilliant staging" (Dominion Post, NZ).  We want to leave an indelible imprint on your heart.

And now we've been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity! Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis have been asked by one of America's most influential producers of new writing, South Coast Repertory Theatre (SCR), to write a new play. We're their first international collaboration and if successful, it'll give us a chance to do things creatively that we haven't been able to do before. We're talking bigger casts, US scale production values and lots of theatre! 

Our new play, Welcome to the Murder Houseis inspired by the Grand Guignol and features horror, humour and sex delivered with Indian Ink's trademark wit, pathos and great storytelling.

We've been working closely with SCR including time in LA earlier this year. Now we need to work with our composer, dramaturge and actors to try out ideas and knock the script into shape. The Americans are coming to see what we've got. We need help to fund this next stage of development.

We reckon they'll like it and if they do, they'll fund the production from there on in. It'll be bigger than Texas for us.

Then we bring it home to NZ!


How you can help

You can help us reach our target by donating to our crowdfunding campaign on Boosted.

And if you can share this page with your networks that would also be really helpful:

It's possible to make a donation via cheque or bank transfer too, just contact us on or (09) 815 3302 and we'll help.


Any contribution big or small will make a huge difference.


Thank you!



  • WE DID IT!!


    WOOHOO!!! :)
    We have successfully exceeded our target!! Thank you so much to everyone that has joined us on this amazing journey. Your support means the world to us!

    We are so blessed to have such incredible support! Exceeding the target well before the end of the campaign just shows how much love we received!

    We've got 37 hours left 'til the campaign ends. So if you still feel like giving, any extra donations will go back into the business to help us create and present original theatre that leaves an indelible imprint on your hearts! 

    Once again, thank you so much! We look forward to Welcoming you to the Murder House! :)

    #whatsyourlifeworth #SeriousLaughter #Bemorehuman

    WE DID IT!!
  • Home Sweet Home




  • Script Writing vs Elections


    Justin coping with the election results by staying busy!

    We're so excited that the first draft of 'Welcome to the Murder House' is completed and we've received feedback from South Coast Repertory...let the refining begin! 

    Thank you to all the wonderful people that have contributed! :)

    Keep spreading the love!xx


    Script Writing vs Elections
  • Excitement from SCR's Dramaturge


    Kimberly, the Dramaturge at South Coast Repertory who is working closely with us on the developments of 'Welcome to the Murder House' shares her excitement:

    "I’ve never been to the Southern Hemisphere, and I’m wildly excited to travel to the other side of the Pacific to work with Indian Ink. I’ve already been struck by how different the development process has been from what I’m used to here in America—in a great way!"

    Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far! Keep spreading the word and sharing the love! 


  • A whirlwind season in Vancouver comes to an end.


    Thanks to the good people at The Cultch for making us feel so welcome. Standing ovations and lots of love from packed houses.

    Adam (new musician) and I have been rehearsing the music for Krishnan's Dairy during the day in preparation for India next week. I've been skyping Justin as we keep the momentum going on the next play.

    It's been wet and cold for most of the week here but that crowdfunding total warms my heart. Thank you and please keep it up.  

    Next stop Kolkata!




    A whirlwind season in Vancouver comes to an end.
  • Reporting from Vancouver


    Thank you to all of you beautiful people that have contributed to making our dream come true!