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I am writing a new play about euthanasia. It is the time to think and talk about this contentious issue with the Euthanasia Bill currently going through our Parliament.
To make this project happen we need your support to help pay our actors fees and towards some of our production costs -lighting design, theatre hire and publicity expenses. Any contribution you can make, either large or small, is most welcome.

I feel passionate about euthanasia because of family experience. When we are confronted with the death of a loved one we are compelled to examine our own feelings closely.
This play does not push a particular point of view. Euthanasia is a very complex issue and there are strong arguments to be made on both sides of the debate. It is not full of doom and gloom either. There is lots of humour, and even song and dance!!
I am blessed to have a wonderful cast to help me bring this play to the stage. Annie Ruth, Julie Edwards and Vivien Bell are three talented and highly experienced actors, and it is great to have younger actors Bea Lee Smith and James Forster, on board as well.

After this initial BATS season we plan to tour the play so we can challenge more audiences to think about the euthanasia debate.

Thanks, in anticipation from me and my wonderful cast!
Jan Bolwell

Welcome to the Death Cafe is being produced independently without gov-ernment agency funding. Handstand Productions, Jan Bolwell's theatre company, is using accumulated funds to get the project under way and three quarters of the funds needed are in place.

How you can help
We'd be incredibly grateful if you could help us raise the remaining $3500 to get our play onto the stage at BATS theatre, November 19-23rd 2019.
You can help us 'get over the wire' by donating to our crowdfunding cam-paign on Boosted.
You can also support us by circulating this link to our website to your friends and whanau: https://janbolwell.com
Organising: a pre-Christmas group booking: booking@bats.co.nz
Or, promote us on Facebook:
• find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Welcome-to-the-Death-Cafe-118072232921051

Handstand Productions, a theatre company created by Jan Bolwell, has been devising and touring theatre works around New Zealand for the past 20 years. The works have been created by Bolwell - three solo shows about her family - Standing on my Hands, Here's Hilda! and Bill Massey's Tour-ists, and three multicast plays dealing with historical figures, such as Frances Hodgkins, Lucia Joyce and Freda du Faur. She has worked with talented dramaturgs and directors and designers who have helped her bring these works to the stage. Ralph McAllister, Kerryn Palmer, Annie Ruth, Li-sa Maule and Nicole Cosgrove, among them; and actors such as Perry Piercy, John Wraight, Emily Regtien, Isobel McKinnon, John Smythe and dancer and choreographer, Sacha Copland.

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