Kate McGill

WEAVE Yarns with New Zealanders - Wellington season

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WEAVE YARNS WITH NEW ZEALANDERS is a verbatim documentary theatre show exploring the question of who we are as a nation through theatricalised interviews with many people from around Aotearoa, from the bubbly nurse from the Manawatu, to the young immigrant, to the Southern Farmer. Who will you meet tonight?

In a 20 character documentary theatre piece, solo actor Kate McGill asks the question of who we are through a series of theatricalised interviews with people from all around Aotearoa, in WEAVE: Yarns with New Zealanders.

If you have ever wanted to share an intimate moment with a stranger, or ask your neighbour what their story is? Or pondered your own relationship with our country, then WEAVE will stimulate and provoke you.

WEAVE had an initial season at the Basement Theatre in Auckland earlier this year and is invited to BATS Theatre Wellington for a limited 5 night season. We are asking for support to rework and rehearse the show and also pay for our artists to spend time out of their home city. We believe the topic matter of this show is relevant to every New Zealander, and intend to develop it further during the BATS season, as well as travel around the country in the future. Contributions raised during this campaign will directly assist us in this endeavour.

"Kate McGill is a superb actor. She has created a one-person show of remarkable depth and downright skill which provokes thought and discussion and pride. She makes me proud to be a New Zealander and proud of theatre; of what it can achieve and what it can do to help change our world view. " - Alistair Browning - Theatreview

"A woman of many talents, or should I say many voices, McGill's performance is both visually and emotionally stimulating. She morphs into each character with ease, drawing you into each person and inhabiting them fully. She leaves you pining and wanting to know more of each of their stories." - Lauren Sanderson, Theatrescenes 

Director - Alice Canton //
Dramaturg - Alice Canton + Anya Tate Manning //
Lighting design + operation - Zach Howells //
Sound design - Sam Clavis //
Production - Kate McGill + Tim Nuttall //

After a successful season at Auckland's Basement Theatre, Kate McGill brings her one person show WEAVE: Yarns with New Zealanders to BATS Theatre in Wellington.