Claudia & Sofia Tarrant-Matthews

We're Heading to the Royal Academy of Music!

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Hello! We are Claudia and Sofia Tarrant-Matthews, two sisters from Wellington New Zealand, currently fundraising to begin our Master of Arts in violin performance at the Royal Academy of Music in September this year.

In 2018 we both finished our Bachelor of Music in violin and piano performance at the New Zealand School of Music, and we are thrilled to take this next step towards making our dreams of becoming professional musicians a reality. Claudia is especially excited to have been accepted into the class of György Pauk; a world renowned soloist and professor. 

The master of arts programme at the Royal Academy of Music is a two-year qualification which involves lots of performing, including solo, chamber and orchestral playing. As sisters we have been playing together since we were very young, and would love the opportunity to continue working together as a team in an exciting new environment. We are also looking forward to the cultural change of living in such a thriving city, surrounded by amazing music and many concerts to see! 

In the UK, international fees are currently very high, with the total cost for one year of study at the Royal Academy being over $47,000. As well as this, the cost of living in London is not cheap either! We are very lucky to have received partial funding from the Royal Academy, as well as applying for a few New Zealand based scholarships. We will be heading over to London at the start of September to prepare for classes beginning on the 16th, so we have the next 2 months to confirm funding and accommodation.

Thanks for your interest in our campaign, we would love for you to join us on our journey to London! 

Claudia & Sofia