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Wellington Comedy is a supportive and talented community, but there aren't enough opportunities for our best artists to spread their work to a wider audience.

For this reason, I want to produce a high quality web series featuring the capital's best stand up comedians showcasing exactly what they can do.

Currently, all broadcast comedy in New Zealand is produced in Auckland, and priority is given to Auckland-based comedians. This denies performers outside of Auckland the opportunity to boost their career, and it also denies the New Zealand viewing public of variety.

Wellington comedy is HUGE. It's time to let the world know.

The Wellington comedy community has never been stronger and more exciting than it is today. Right now it is bursting with passionate, hard-working, talented people, and it's about time they were given a chance to shine.

This series will be a platform for these performers to reach a wider audience than just their comedy club live appearances alone.

Ideally, a wider reach will help to grow the already-booming Wellington comedy scene, giving even more opportunities to our incredible comedians, and even more comedy to Wellington's wonderful and supportive crowds.


  • We did it!


    Wow thank you so much,  everybody!

    I am blown away by the generosity of friends (and some strangers) that has allowed me to give this project a real go. To take a dream and make it a reality.

    Thank you for having faith in me and the rest of the Wellington community comedy community. We won't let you down.


  • The final hours!


    Once again, thank you SO MUCH to all the generous people who have donated their time, their money, and their effort to the project so far. It is really uplifting to have the support of so many amazing people.

    If you've been considering donating but haven't yet, please do so now. The clock is ticking, and we're so close to our goal!

    The live filming of the project is coming up this Sunday (20th November) at 7pm at VK's Comedy & Blues Bar. It's the best lineup of Wellington comedians that has EVER BEEN ASSEMBLED. I might have said that in the last update, but it's still true. 

    Tickets for the live filming have been selling fast, so if you wanna get along to that, I advise you buy online via Eventfinda very soon. They're only $5 so you've got no excuse!

    Lastly (but certainly not, I really hope everybody is okay after all the horrific things Wellington has endured over the past few days. We've really taken a battering, but our awesome community spirit has pulled us through it intact.


    The final hours!
  • Woaaaah! We're (over) halfway there!


    MONSTROUS thanks to everybody who has supported the project so far. We're getting closer to our goal every day, and that's just the bee's knees!

    We're proud to announce that we have finalised the lineup for the live show, and brought onboard one of New Zealand's most revered and award-decorated comedians, James Nokise! We're stoked to have James on the team, and his epic presence will boost the profile of the project, and the Wellington community as a whole.

    If you want to come to the aforementioned live filming, it's 20th November at VK's, and tickets are available through Eventfinda.

    We've also got a swanky-danky new website! So check out to read up about all the amazing acts, and don't forget to sign up to the newsletter to keep updated when each episode comes out.

    Thanks! :-)

    Woaaaah! We're (over) halfway there!
  • Great news! (Update #1)


    We've got a number of incredible Wellington comics confirmed, including:

    Molly Sokhom, Adam Wright, Rob Harris, Nik Bruce-Smith, Li'i Alaimoana, Patch Lambert, Lucy Roche, and Jerome Chandrahasen.

    That's already the best lineup of Wellington comedians that has ever been assembled, and we're still waiting on a few more to check their diaries!

    The live filming date is locked in for Sunday 20th November at VK's Comedy & Blues Bar. So, if you want to be in the crowd for Wellington's first ever filmed comedy show, that's the place to be.

    The series itself is taking shape, too. We've locked down a name, and each episode is going to focus on one performer, starting with a brief off-stage introduction, then launching straight into them performing their very best material.

    Thank you so much to everybody who has donated or spread the word so far. Let's keep it rolling, and I'll keep you all updated as it grows :-)

    Great news! (Update #1)