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What is money worth?

We live in a world where the safeguarding of profit can actually take precedence over the protection of human rights. In the interest of preserving their all-important bottom line corporations are able to sue Governments for the passing of certain laws…laws that are in fact intended to protect the people and environment.

WATER FOR GOLD looks at the case of the massive mining giant Oceana Gold and the huge 10 year legal battle they have been embroiled in with the El Salvador Government over mining rights; rights that directly affect El Salvador's last remaining clean safe drinking water source. Through ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) corporations like Oceana Gold are given the power to embark in these conflicts, therefore affecting the Democratic Law making process.

ISDS is an important part of trade law that needs to be recognized in the public eye. In WATER FOR GOLD we explore and educate our audience about these jargon heavy concepts by making it engaging and easy to understand through the use of Stop Motion animation

The wonderful team at loading docs are matching dollar for dollar once we reach our goal of $2000 through our Boosted fundraising campaign!

We need your help!

We want to make WATER FOR GOLD the best short film it can be and with your help we can buy all the materials we need, pay for specialty camera lenses,lighting equipment and rent any potential space needed in order to build a set. Our small crew plan on devoting many hours to ensure the success of WATER FOR GOLD, but we can't do it alone. Every bit helps. Please join us on our journey.

Check out our website:

                                  HELP US MAKE WATER FOR GOLD!


  • Film Festival!!!


    We are so excited to announce that WATER FOR GOLD got officail selection for My Hero International Film Festival 2017!!!! Thank you all our Boosted spporters, we could not have done this without you!!!

    If you haven't already, Watch and share WATER FOR GOLD on your social media and other networks:

    Film Festival!!!
  • Water For Gold Permiere!!!


    Hello Everyone!

    Tomorrow is the day!! The Water For Gold New Zealand International Film Festival premiere is on tomorrow at 11.15AM at event cinema Queen Street.

    Get your ticket:

    Rose and I are extremely proud of this film and would love to celebrate our creation with us!

    Thank you so much for helping us make this film .Hope to see you all there :)

    Second Screening: Wednesday 27th July 12PM

    Sandy and the Water For Gold

    Water For Gold Permiere!!!
  • Post Production


     Frances our very talented animator is hard at work animating over some of the footage we shot a couple of weeks ago 

    Post Production
  • On to post production for the Water For Gold team


    Helo friends!  

    The water For Gold has hada very busy couple of months!!! We wraped up filming 2 weeks ago and went stright in to the post production phase of editing and animating. Here are some great behind the scenes photos from the shoot!!  


    On to post production for the Water For Gold team
  • THANK YOU, with time to spare!


    Dear friends,

    First of all we would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU...we have reached our target with time to spare! 

    We still have 9 days left of the campaign, so if you know of anyone who was considering contributing there's still time. Any extra funds we make will be put to fantastic use, as it will enable us to invest in more specialist lenses on which to film and a larger more suitable hire space in which to build our set. Stop Motion is an expensive process, so every little bit really will help!

    We have interviewed Jane Kelsey whose narration will guide us through our story, and our fantastic illustrator Francis Haszard ( has begun prepping for the mammoth and exciting task ahead.

    Please continue to spread our message by sharing the link below within your networks.

    Thank you for your ongoing support!

    The WATER FOR GOLD team x

    THANK YOU, with time to spare!

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