Judith Cowley

Walk a Mile Film

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Ever been inspired by acts of kindness? We are creating a film centred around these magical gestures in Wellington in September.

After experiencing the loss of of her baby girl, Judith Cowley embarked on writing a film that encapsulates the remarkable kindness of people that surrounded her and shaped her view of the world.

Join us in making Walk a Mile in Wellington in September - our bold and beautiful short film.

Judith Cowley is one inspirational writer and kiwi who has gained the attention of this cast and crew, who believe in her and the work she has shared with us. We are so very close to the finish line to get this project officially up and running so you too can see these characters come to life. Your act of kindness to this project can go a hell of a long way and create something genuine and worthwhile.

Our Film

Four years ago, Judith wrote Walk a Mile, a short film about grumpy, solitary Russ who is faced with an impossible predicament; should he reach out to neighbours he can't abide, who desperately need his help, or should he turn away and go back into his shell?

It's a struggle that we all must face as we go through life - finding the right words or actions to help someone battling deep grief, all the while feeling the seeming futility of such gestures.

Walk a Mile is a celebration of these simple gestures and tries to show the power that a simple human connection can have.

Who are we?

We have a multicultural cast and crew supporting Judith tell her story. Our deadline of filming in September is rapidly approaching and with each donor's contribution our crazy dream will become a wonderful reality. We all live in and around Wellington New Zealand, and want to highlight this great corner of the world by shooting our short film here and showcasing all New Zealand has to offer.

Judith Cowley - Writer/Director/Executive Producer

Sarah Anne Dudley - Producer

Janine Frei - Editor

Natano Keni - Casting Director

Seraphina Tausilia - Wardrobe

Ali Middleton - Script Supervisor

Waka Attewell - DOP

Isidora  Parra Soto - First AD

Ken Saville - Sound Recordist

Lachlan Crane - Boom Operator

What we need to make it happen

We want to shoot this film in September 2018! That's right, next month, and to make this happen we are asking for donations from our amazing networks so this film can be the best in can be. This project has been a work in progress for a number of years and is now ready to be created, but we need support from you to keep it on schedule.

By getting involved with our project and donating to our film, you will be joining a community and invited to be a part of the journey.

For Walk a Mile to be made we need to raise $10,000 to fuel production and bring this script to life!

Your offering will go towards the following areas:

Production of the short film - equipment, set design, cast and crew.

Post production - editing, sound design and visual design.

Distribution so we can get this short out to the world in film festivals, to you in a special donor screening, and to our audiences.

About Judith Cowley

Judith Cowley is a kiwi writer who experienced the death of her baby girl in 1987. She revisited this time in her life and created 'Walk a Mile', which reflects on her own experiences and on the most important lesson she took away from such a loss - the power of acts of kindness.

Judith forged a colourful career in television for over 8 years, then parented three lovely boys and worked in Social Justice roles, helping people in New Zealand communities.

She has recently chosen to pursue a unique and challenging career as a funeral director. Alongside her eclectic work pursuits she has put pen to paper in her spare time as a writer - her true passion. After many years crafting her own voice, Judith has successfully brought her scripts to the stage and now to the screen with your help.

We want our donors to be our community and we will be inviting our community to see behind the scenes action along the way with cast and crew. Updates to follow! 

All donations are massively appreciated. Thank you.