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WAI the Women's Art Initiative Palmerston North

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When you donate to WAI you will be helping us to raise the money needed to purchase a second hand pottery wheel. As we currently have to travel 40 minutes from Palmerston North to Marton to work in a pottery studio this purchase would allow us to practice our throwing skills weekly, rather just once or twice a year. We all love clay and working with it, so this equipment will offer us something really special.

Any funds raised above this will go towards further clay working equipment, and clay, and may even be able to help support our ongoing running costs in 2016 - something which we always struggle to cover.


WAI are a collective of women making art as a form of resistance and a response to the violence we have experienced. We have worked together since 2013, meeting weekly. 

WAI is about self-representing these experiences within a supportive community, challenging the myths and stereotypes that sit around both the violence and who we are as 'victims' or 'survivors' of this violence.

WAI are supported by the National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges - with advocacy and practical help but not with financial assistance, as all of their funding is directed into crisis intervention. 

WAI are an ongoing initiative - we have been running in Palmerston North since 2013, and are in the process of setting up new collectives in Wellington and Blenheim currently. We run with the advocacy and support of Women's Refuge, but unfortunately Refuge are unable to support us financially as all of their funds are directed into crisis intervention. 





    We have reached our $300 target which is fantastic news - thank you so much to everyone who donated funds. The new pottery wheel will be purchased shortly, and practice can begin :0)

    We have also just purchased a carload full of old frames from a garage sale to repurpose for our exhibition, so have lots of exciting things happening. 

    Please like our WAI the Women's Art Initiative Facebook page to keep up to date with what we are doing - our end of year exhibition will be at the start of November and everyone is most welcome to our opening. 

  • Making teabowls in our tidy studio space


    Another busy high energy day in the WAI studio, making handbuilt pottery teabowls, books, and papermache for our end of year exhibition. 10 collective members in today so a bit of a squash. We have our fingers crossed that we make it to our BOOSTED target and can be working on teabowls on our new pottery wheel very soon ...we have a space waiting for it! Thanks to all of those who believe in what we are doing and have supported us so far...just a little more to go so please share our page with your friends and family

    Making teabowls in our tidy studio space
  • What WAI are up to...


    Thank you SO much to those who have already made such generous contributions to our Pottery Wheel Fundraiser! 

    WAI are keeping busy with all sorts of projects in our studio - we are making books, weaving, creating paper-mache fruit for an end of year exhibition installation, making hand formed tea bowls, drawing, inking, and working on our resistance book pages! Just the usual for us - the studio is full of life and colour and we have just had a huge clean-up of our space and organised everything so we can all fit in better. It is freezing cold (concrete floors and a tin roof!) until about lunchtime when the heater kicks in properly but we are all so engaged that this doesn't seem to limit our productivity.

    We are counting down to our next stint out at Marton Arts to glaze our tea bowls and excited by the idea that we may be able to have our own wheel soon too.

    Please LIKE our Facebook page so you can see what we get up to regularly.


    What WAI are up to...