Virtuoso Strings Charitable Trust

Ria Hall, Lisa Tomlins & Wini Baxter with Virtuoso Strings Orchestra

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The Porirua-based Virtuoso Strings Youth Orchestra is giving a ticketed concert at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna on 13th July, as well as free concerts at St. Mathews in the City and the Vodafone Events Centre in South Auckland on 14th July. The incredible Ria Hall, Lisa Tomlins and Wini Baxter will be singing with us, but we need to make sure we can cover all the logistical costs!

The Virtuoso Strings Youth Orchestra and music education programme enables hundreds of students to benefit from being a part of a stable, education-orientated community. We provide transport and food, musical instruments, and do everything we possibly can to make sure everybody in Porirua has the chance to participate.

A large part of what motivates our students is the chance to participate in trips like this. Performing with artists like Ria Hall - a cutting-edge, up and coming singer changing the face of New Zealand music - shows them what they are capable of. Working with people like Lisa Tomlins and Wini Baxter - artists fully engaged with the industry - lets them see what a future in music, or even just one of passion and ambition, looks like.

We want our students to know that their excellence deserves to be seen on a New Zealand stage, and that other parts of the country will get behind them, just like their home community.

All the East Porirua musicians get the trip for free, which means we can take everybody regardless of financial circumstances. The kids are busking furiously to contribute to their transport and accommodation costs, but there is only so much we can raise by ourselves. We need your support to make this a reality!

Reaching our target of $2000 would be a great start, and ultimately we are aiming to raise $4000. Every donation, large or small, is gratefully received!

If you also believe that every child should have the chance to publicly excel at the things they love, please support us in helping to make this happen.

Thank you!


  • Well done!


    We have reached our goal! 

    Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal- we are so grateful for all of your donations and generosity. 

    We are only $100 away from reaching $3000 which would be absolutely amazing, so if you know anyone who would be interested in donating, please forward this on to them. 

    Our concerts are coming up THIS WEEK! Don't forget to check out them on our facebook page, and to come along if you are based in Auckland- we'd love to see you there!

  • Almost halfway there!


    Thanks again to everyone for their donations- we are so grateful to have such fantastic supporters! 

    We wanted to update you with two pieces of news: 

    1. We're almost halfway there! With only 25 donors, we have already made it to over $900. We can't put into words how grateful we are for your support, and your generosity. We need to make it to $2000 to keep the donations, so please continue to forward and share this with your family and friends so we make the cut. 

    2. Our tickets for the Takapuna Concert are now up and ready to be purchased! You can buy them at

    We want a big audience to come and support our kids- so please forward the event to everyone you know who is based in Auckland so they can come along and show their support. 

  • $600!


    We went live four days ago...and we are already at $600! That's 30% of our overall goal. 

    Thank you so much to everybody who has donated already. You are all so generous, and we are absolutely over the moon with the early show of support. 

    Just a headsup, if you're based in Wellington, the kids are playing in a Matariki concert this week (just the front eight players)on Friday 16th.  There are two performances in the Museum of Wellington: 6pm and 8pm, with Koha entry. Come along to see the incredible talent that you're supporting! 

    Lastly, $600 already is absolutely out of this world! But that's only from 12 donors- what generosity! However, that means that there are a LOT of supporters out there yet that still may want to get involved. Even $5 makes a massive difference to us on this end, so make sure you forward this to your friends and family, and make them aware of what's going on. 

    Thanks again everyone! 

    Virtuoso Strings <3