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Malo Ni. VAKA is a documentary about the Tokelauan community weaving together their customary wisdom and modern technologies in response to climate change. We are looking to raise $4000 to fund our post production i.e. music licensing, archival footage and translation fees.

The Team

We are a small group of Creative Media Production students from Massey University:
Kelly Moneymaker, Director
Rebekah Curtis-Motley, Producer
Jessica George, Producer
Ben Dickens, Director of Photography
Mason Rudd, Editor

VAKA is our final year project which we hope to take to climate change conferences and submit to film festivals. Filming has wrapped and we are now in post-production.

The Journey

Tokelau is a small group of atolls in the Pacific located halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. In June our team voyaged to Tokelau via Apia (Samoa) and a 52 hour boat ride on the Matiliki to spend 3 weeks exploring Fakaofo, Nukunonu, and Atafu. Immersing themselves in the culture and beauty of the village communities, the team was able to capture some magical moments and talk to some amazing people.

The Story

Through this project we hope to celebrate Tokelau's resilience and heart for preserving their islands. As leaders at the forefront of climate change efforts in the Pacific, they are among the first to see these impacts (i.e. storm surges and coral bleaching) and are taking significant measures to innovate solutions for the long term through solar energy, wind power, and education.
We want VAKA to inspire the world to follow Tokelau's environmental leadership.

How can you support us?

Our Boosted goal is $4000 and your donations will go towards purchasing archival footage, translating Tokelauan, music licensing fees, entry fees for film festivals, and generating our marketing collateral for distribution (e.g. website, printing).

Through your support for VAKA, you are supporting a group of emerging creative practitioners who are passionate about telling meaningful stories. You are also supporting the chance for more indigenous voices to be heard and acknowledged in film media.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Fakafetai.