Uptown Arts Trust; Auckland Art Week Exhibitions

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The Uptown Arts Trust is an organization dedicated to preserving the heritage and character of communities of Auckland's uptown areas including Ponsonby, Newton and K Road. If you love to live in or visit these areas and hope that the charm and beauty of the uptown areas can resist the pressures of standard commercial redevelopment, then we represent you.


What Does the Uptown Arts Trust Mean To Your Community?

The Uptown Arts Trust was established in 2010 on the principle of supporting and promoting public interest in art and culture in the Uptown Area by facilitating the installation of public artworks, exhibitions and art performances. The Trust encourages public artwork in the Uptown Area and fosters a positive environment for artists working in the Uptown Area.


How Will This Help My Neighbourhoods Survive?

The Uptown Arts Trust's goal is to create a renaissance of economic vitality in the Uptown Area. This vitalization will be driven by the character and culture of an area rich in artistic activity including visual arts, performance arts and temporary pop up art exhibits drawing Aucklanders to this exciting and vibrant centre. This will result in the health of this area benefiting residents, the community, retailers and artists alike.


What Upcoming Events Can We Look Forward To

The Trust is producing two exhibitions as part of Auckland Art Week. The first 'Everybody has a name' located at Ponsonby Central, is a show that uses different snippets of everyday life to produce an archive of shared knowledge through sight, touch, taste and sound. As curators, we want to create a space where you can feel comfortable and participate in simple creative projects that sit alongside artworks in the gallery that respond to the interactive theme.

The second, 'Look' located at various venues along K Road, features exhibits by fifteen artists displaying a variety of visual arts in businesses along the historic strip.


How Can You Help?

The vitality of the uptown districts relies on the success of the events and ability to draw audiences. Costs include:

  • Installation costs
  • Artists fees
  • Materials/paint               
  • Curator fee
  • Opening function
  • Family workshop (facilitator fee/materials)
  • Printed handout to viewers
  • Ponsonby Central contribution for space
  • Administrative costs

We hope, with your support we can produce a rich and memorable experience.


As a secondary outcome we are participating with Stephen Dorner in his study on crowdfunding which will result in a dissertation for his Master of Arts in Arts Management at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. This is exciting research in the emergent field of crowdfunding and we hope his work will help inform other artists who seek crowdfunding.


A thriving arts culture is vital to the sustainability of our uptown area, we all benefit from it in some way!