Satabusaya Koomsem / Ray Larsen

Under the Bed

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UNDER THE BED is a horror film about a little girl who decides to investigate what's going bump in the night and ends up discovering a dark revelation about her mother's strange new boyfriend.


A single mother, Mel, and her young daughter, Phelng, have just immigrated to New Zealand from Thailand. Phelng is having trouble adjusting to the unfamiliar surroundings. The size of their house, the noises, the smells, the food, the language, the people - essentially everything that constitutes her new daily life - are all so alienating. Intensifying her isolation and dislocation is the strange man, Clef, her mother has brought into their home. What is normally Phelng's source of comfort and protection - her mother's attention and affection - is suddenly being taken from her by Clef. And then something begins to go bump in the night. When Phelng decides to go investigate, she discovers a hole under her bed. Lurking inside this hole is a sinister secret about Clef…

Why This Story Matters:

At a surface level, you may see Phelng as a lucky girl who is fortunate enough to be able to build her future in a first world country like New Zealand. That said, have you ever considered the identity crisis immigrants face every day as they try to reconcile their own beliefs with those thrust on them in a new country? One must either adapt or face isolation. We live in a generation where opportunity is everything, but there is always a price to pay for such luxury.

When Mel sees the move to a new country as an opportunity but Phelng sees it as alienation their relationship is tested, lines are blurred, and a bond may very well be broken forever. With our film, we hope to help our audience empathize with first-generation immigrants as they navigate tradition and culture in an alien country - specifically young immigrants - by turning these very serious issues into a dark fairytale playing on a child's fear of what's under the bed.

Similar to the stories in many fairy tales, we find the plight of Phelng as an immigrant facing difficult cultural issues as a metaphor for a child's attempt to synchronize her awareness of her own blossoming adolescence with an adult's more established perception of who she is.

We hope to produce a multicultural film that melds Western and Eastern cultures together - from the style of the film to the crew and cast. We want this short to be shown at festivals - and ultimately funded for a feature piece - because we believe minorities are often under or even misrepresented in film. We also believe there are more beautiful and tragic stories to bring to light, and it is only through representation that we truly appreciate the trials and tribulations of a group of people.

Why We Need Help:

The house our film is set in needs to look authentic. It should look like a single mother and her young daughter - recently arrived immigrants from Southeast Asia - are living in it. And in order for the invasion of their house to be scary, the monster and its tunnel need to be convincing. To achieve all this, we will need to collaborate with a professional cast and crew to bring this world to life. The money we raise will go towards meticulous set-design, props, set construction, special effects make-up, visual effects in post-production, color grading, score composition, and of course food.

We invite you to donate and join us on this film making journey. We can't do it without you.

Note:  New Zealand based donors qualify for a 33% tax credit in their donations from the IRD. Receipts will be issued by The Arts Foundation when (fingers crossed!) the project has reached its fundraising goal.



  • CLEF


    Introducing our Clef!

    Bede Skinner has been featured in many movies and TV shows including Power Rangers, Spartacus, and The Shannara Chronicles. We are excited to see him play the two sides of Clef...



  • The making of the MONSTER!


    We are so lucky to have Isa Lilai working on crafting our creepy monster. Isa is a talented and passionate SPFX make up artist. She has many years of experience working in the film industry. We are excited to see what she brings to our monster!

    Check out her page at:

    The making of the MONSTER!
  • Director - Ray Larsen


    Under the Bed is directed and co-written by Ray Larsen. He was raised in Ireland and San Francisco, studied film at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and Auckland University, and currently resides in New Zealand. He has always been fascinated with an individual's relationship with society, and preoccupied with the meeting point of internal and external realities.

    Director - Ray Larsen