Tayla Marlow

Uncle Bryan

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UNCLE BRYAN is a short 5-minute film about 24-year-old Bryan who is tasked with babysitting his 9-year-old niece every day after school from the constraints of home detention.

Uncle Bryan is based on my relationship with my uncle. For a chunk of my childhood, I grew up alongside my uncle. After leaving home at a young age, my mother took it upon herself to raise him, meaning we grew a special and unique bond. He was young, reckless and, at one stage, constrained to restrictions of his house on home detention. I was completely oblivious - I just absolutely adored him. I had no idea that my biggest hero was also a criminal. Hanging out with him was so much fun, and even though he may not have been the best role model, having him babysit me created some special and interesting memories.

This film explores how characters like Uncle Bryan navigate family relationships from the constraints of home detention. It also explores situations when parents aren't necessarily the only role models for their children and the impacts this has on them. It comments on how solo parents navigate parenthood and the impacts this has on the children involved. It is about how you are forced to grow up a little every time your heroes fall short.

UNCLE BRYAN is my major graduate film project for my postgraduate studies in Screen Production at the University of Auckland. My postgraduate classmates are all crewing for the 3-day shoot, with Mazarine Ford as producer, and Kaitiaki Rodger and Zoey Zhao on camera. 

Any donations will go towards paying our dedicated actors, Aleisha Coleman and Roy Iro, feeding cast and crew, transportation, and set design. Any additional contributions exceeding our goal will help produce this film to an even higher standard.

Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me!


I'm a postgraduate Screen Production student at the University of Auckland. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in media, film and television last year and decided to pursue my passion for creating film. I moved to Auckland from a small town called Gore in 2015 so I could be in a city with more to offer in the field. Once I finish my studies I aim to work as a producer on a film or television set.