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Kia Ora. We are Two Hearts, a comedy/pop music duo consisting of Laura Daniel & Joseph Moore.

You might have seen one of our shows at the NZ or Melbourne International Comedy festivals. You also might not have! Either way - after a bunch of sell-out seasons in the NZ Comedy Festival, the best reviews we've ever had, and a nomination for the Billy T Award - we've decided to ride this wave of momentum all the way to the most terrifyingly crowded arts market in the world - the Edinburgh Fringe, baby!

Two Hearts: Edinburgh World Tour is a is a loving parody of a Beyonce/Katy Perry/Taylor Swift-sized multi-million dollar arena concert - complete with distractingly catchy songs, sexy dance moves, and literal buckets of confetti. Only difference between the arena shows is that our songs have jokes in them, and we have slightly fewer seats (60 to be exact).

You, a patron of the arts, already know this - the Edinburgh Fringe is bloody massive. There are thousands of shows every day, competing for the attention of the public and ultimately vying for the same coveted prize - a long and fruitful career in the arts. Edinburgh has been a launching pad for the careers of many of NZ and the rest of the world's best comedians, and with any luck, it can be one for us as well. We just need a little bit of help - in the form of your thoughts and prayers (and money).

What Will We Spend Your Money On?
Turns out going to Edinburgh is nightmarishly expensive, who knew? We've put in most of the groundwork ourselves, we spent many thousands of dollars from our own pockets developing the show for NZ and Melbourne - building sets, designing costumes, and turning Two Hearts into the tourable show it is today. However, we have fallen just short, and to make this Edinburgh trip - we need help, we're not afraid to admit it!

Most importantly: we need flights back home. We're all booked to head over there, but shiiiiit we have not booked the return. Please don't make us live in Scotland forever!

Also: we need to pay some ground staff in Edinburgh to help us promote and pack in our show. We are but two people!

Finally: tech hire - Two Hearts would be a terrible show if we had microphones with big old wires hanging out of them that we constantly tripped over whilst trying to dance. Luckily, somebody invented microphones with no wires... unfortunately that somebody is a horrible capitalist who charges lots of money to hire their invention. 

Our crowdfunding matra is "Everybody gets one". So... this is our one, we'll never do one of these again, get in quick! (Sincerely though, we appreciate any donation, thank you for helping us FOLLOW OUR DREAMS)