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Twenty One Points is a short film written by Pete Circuitt and Steve Best. The film was shot a year ago, and it's edited, but we've still got a lot of work to go on our animation and compositing, to get one of our lead characters embedded into the frame.

To be specific - 120 hours of animation, and 560 hours of compositing. We need your HELP!!

Here's a little bit of background about the project...

This is a light-hearted eccentric buddy movie between a grown man, his imaginary friend, and his Mum. The film is set over a single day in suburban New Zealand and explores what most would consider an 'unhinged mind'. It combines drama and animation and was conceived by award winning director and writer Pete Circuit.

At some point in 2013 ... exact dates are a little hazy truth be told, Head of Animation Dan Brown started building a robot, Director Pete Circuitt was writing a script. With Producer Rob Linkhorn collaborating, we took the treatment to the NZ Film Commission's Premier Shorts film funding, which caught the eye of Robin Scholes. She in turn introduced us to Andrew Adamson who gave us a huge boost in confidence about this film's potential.

Our EPs encouraged us to aim high, and the two key factors we needed to nail before shooting could commence was the casting and performance capture technology. So after almost three years of technical development, the result was an insanely robust Mocap system and a prolonged casting period procured an outstanding cast: Josh Thomson as Alan, Robyn Malcolm as Mum and Rohan Glynn as Gary. 

We attracted seminal figures of the NZ film industry to our project simply because all of these people found the filmmakers worthy of support. It certainly wasn't the money, because there wasn't any. Along the way, they also found key individuals such as Jared Kahi, Julia Kim and Tania Smiler and shot the film in May 2016 over four days.

So since it began back in 2013 ... what's taken so long?

In the proverbial nutshell, the film has a CGI character called Gary who is a robot and we needed to develop the mocap technology required to execute that character. Such sophisticated CGI is challenging on any level of independent budgeting, and to date we've soaked those costs up ourselves. And those costs have been significant.

We are not grumbling about it, we know we have something special coming. But we've got to a point where the momentum of the film is at a critical stage and we need to complete it by July 2017 or miss the key international festivals.

No point making a great little New Zealand film and not get it out there in the best possible places right? All funds raised on Boosted will go towards paying for the skilled animators and compositors to get robot Gary into the live action plates we shot in May 2016. We've set our goal at $15,000, but we really need $30,000 to cover all that post production time, and we really need your help!

To donate you need to register with Boosted, but this is so they can issue a receipt for your donation. All donations via Boosted are 33% tax deductable. Any extra money raised beyond the target will be spent on film festival entry fees to help get the film seen as widely as possible and represent New Zealand filmmaking internationally.

Thanks for your support!


  • Update #5


    We made our goal !

    Our sincerest thanks to all that have donated and supported us. It has been a very heart warming journey so from Dan, Pete, Jared, Rob and myself Tania THANK YOU everyone.

    now watch this space .....

  • UPDATE # 4


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    We have reached 100% over the weekend and we still have until midnight Friday to raise more funds. Any extra funds will help us to complete the film faster and deliver on time for the overseas film festivals.

    Here is a little clip showing the actual actor, Rohan Glynn perform, wearing Perception Neuron's Motion capture suit and then with your donations and our hard work we replace Rohan with Gary our CGI robot.

    This is our final push to please help spread and share our Boosted campaign, every little bit helps.

  • Update #3


    Wooo hooo, we are at 96% and one more week to go.


    Thank you to all that have donated and helped to spread the word.

    We have been overwhelmed with the fantastic support we have recieved.

    The countdown is on, the final week is here, if we manage to push past our goal any extra funds will be put to good use and help get Gary on screen.


    Please help continue to support by sharing with family and friends and getting the word out there. 


    Tune in to the The Cafe, TV3, Friday 30th June between 9am and 10am to see Robyn Malcolm and Josh Thomson talk about the film.

    Update #3
  • UPDATE #2 Trailer Release


    WOW thank you all for the amazing support, we are now at 52%

    Today we are excited to finally reveal the Twenty One Points trailer.

    We've been working super hard on the VFX shots in this trailer to show you how the end product will look and what your donations will help us achieve.

    But ultimately we need Gary in the film and Gary needs you!

    There are only 15 more days left to reach our goal and we're half way there. If you have already donated, you can continue to support us by sharing this trailer with your friends and family and encourage them to donate or share as well. With your help we can get there.

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much and we hope you enjoy the trailer !!


  • UPDATE #1


    Thank you to all of the amazing people who have helped us reach 38%

    This is something that is different, beautiful and hard so it has been amazing to have such positive support from everybody. We have an update video showing the Studio Local team and a breakdown of the what, why and where your generous donations, not matter how big or small, will be used. 

    We will also be adding regular updates to our Facebook page, so follow us on our journey.

    We can't express enough how much we appreciate your support and please share with your family, friends and colleagues as every little bit helps.