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Triumphs and Other Alternatives in Sydney

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Muscle Mouth has been invited to take our new show Triumphs and Other Alternatives to Performance Space's Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art at Carriageworks, Sydney.

Right now is an incredibly exciting time for us. Muscle Mouth is beginning to take flight. We invite you to join us as we embark on this new and exciting journey!

Ross McCormack, known for his acclaimed dance career with Belgium's Les Ballets C de la B, directs and stars in Triumphs, performing alongside Emily Adams and James Vu Anh Pham. After standing ovations in Wellington and incredible reviews, Triumphs is about to hit the road.

This will be our first presentation overseas. We're excited that it's at such a fantastic experimental festival with a show we are so proud of. We're taking the first steps on what we know will be hugely rewarding journey for Muscle Mouth but we need your help to get there! The $4,000 we hope to raise represents 40% of our travel and accommodation costs. With your contribution we'll be heading over to Sydney to showcase our latest new work on the international stage.

Liveworks Festival has a focus on artists working at the experimental edge of their art forms, which is a perfect environment for Muscle Mouth. Triumphs collides sculpture with gutsy performance to create a visceral new style of visual dance theatre. We're also excited to be offering an exclusive choreographic workshop with Ross McCormack in Sydney and contributing to a 'guided meditation' on the show - a first for us!

Muscle Mouth began two years ago when we were commissioned to create 'AGE' for the 2014 New Zealand Festival. Since then we've created four new works that have taken place in both theatres and galleries (thanks Enjoy Gallery!). Before we go to Sydney, Triumphs will have just one performance at Auckland's Tempo Dance Festival.

Thank you, we look forward to sending you updates from Sydney!


Muscle Mouth

Performance Space's Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art



Triumphs and Other Alternatives
Ross McCormack, Emily Adams, James Vu Anh Pham, Natasha James, Jason Wright, Owen McCarthy, Victoria Colombus, Melanie Hamilton. 


  • Triumphs was a hit in Auckand!


    We had a fantastic time performing Triumphs at Q Theatre last night as part of Tempo Dance Festival. Auckland audiences came out in droves to support the work. We sold out and got standing ovations. Amazing! 

    Triumphs is in a great place to fly to Sydney. We can't wait to share this work with new Australian audiences. A HUGE thank you to all our new donors who've come on board and joined the project, and to those who came on early and backed us from the start. THANK YOU to all of you! 

    Click here for thank you from Ross and the Muscle Mouth team. 

    Triumphs was a hit in Auckand!
  • Behind the Scenes


    We've been on an incredible journey with this show. Here's a video of us all in rehearsals creating Triumphs and Other Alternatives earlier this year. Enjoy!



  • Back in the studio


    Thank you to our new donors who've come on board to help fly Triumphs to Sydney. Your support is fantastic!

    The new walls for our touring set are done and dusted and ready for freighting. Now we're back in the dance studio getting the show back into top shape. There's a lot of skipping to get fit going on, and a lot of incredible dancing. Here's Ross, Jimi and Emily rehearsing and rediscovering the magic of this beautiful show. We can't wait to get it on the road - thank you again for helping us do just that!

    Back in the studio
  • We're under way!


    Thank you so much to you wonderful people who have donated already! We're getting ready to take Triumphs and Other Alternatives to Sydney and your support means so much to us. THANK YOU. 

    We spent the weekend building and painting new walls for our travelling set. The walls look impressive when standing up and then pack down into a tiny bag - perfect for the plane. Our Production Manager flew straight from the Brisbane Festival to our workshop to get things underway - thanks Tash!

    Thank you again for donating to our campaign. We really appreciate it. 

    We're under way!