Andrea Brigden

Thrill the World Christchurch 2017

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Do you love zombies? Michael Jackson? All out fun times? Then you need to help us 'Thrill The World' in Christchurch this October!

What is 'Thrill The World' and how can I get amongst it? I hear you say...

Thrill The World is an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of "Thriller" for world records and charity.

Anybody can learn the dance, dress up as a zombie and join this global community, but the best thing about doing it in Christchurch is we have our very own post-apocalyptic landscape! So, for the second year running we will be getting our zombie freak on in Cathedral Square.

We'll be hooking into the world's largest zombie horde at 11am on Sunday 29 October (that's Saturday 28 October at 10pm GMT!)

To make it super simple for you to learn the dance, we've organised 4 FREE dance workshops and we've invited along the magnificiant Minifies to teach their miracle make-up techniques to help you  find your inner zombie. Make sure you LIKE our Facebook page to get the lowdown on all these events.

On 'Thrill Day' we'll be passing around the hat for 'Dancing Like the Stars' - a 9 week dance programme for low decile schools that culminates in two outstanding nights of public performance at the historic Isaac Theatre Royal. 

Our aim is to make 'Thrill The World' Christchurch's coolest annual event...and that's where you come in. We need seeding money to cover event costs, so we're asking you to share the philanthropic love to help us reach our $2500 goal. Every little bit helps, so let's get the word out there through your personal and professional networks to help us take Christchurch out onto the world stage.

Thanks in advance for your support, see you on the other side!