These Two


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In the space of one crazy week, these two polar opposites will find themselves in hilarious situations that will test their friendship, relationships, and careers. There will be auditions and anal, crabs and condoms, dancing and dildos, and most of all, a lot of laughs. Season 2 will be rude and relatable, and very entertaining!

The idea of 'These Two' started in an acting class when a friend saw the potential chemistry between Kevin and Liam. Struggling to find scenes to workshop together, they decided to write a scene. The response was enough to encourage them to write more, which turned into 5 episodes currently available to view on YouTube.

It seemed like a strange pairing at the time, but it worked. In fact, the episode 'Backstreet Boys' was actually a real conversation they had.

"We never would have met otherwise as we are completely different, different interests, different circle of friends. We didn't even really like each other at first, but we found love in a hopeless place."

The writers have been busy expanding a world where gender norms are challenged, and sexuality is fluid - and the script is looking pretty damn good! The story will be bigger, the eps will be longer, and our cast are super talented.

We are now ready to film season 2 and this is where we need your help. We are fortunate to have an amazing cast and crew on board - our production team were the grand champions of 2017's HP48hr competition with the film 'Under the Bridge'. The rest of the cast and crew have all worked on numerous shows including Westside, 800 Words, Shortland Street, Ash VS Evil Dead - just to name a few.

We would love to be able to pay our amazing team as well as cover our expenses. The opportunity to give creatives work and entertain is our goal.

Be part of helping a group of hard working and talented creatives do what they love!

About Kevin and Liam

Kevin & Liam are Auckland based actors represented by Odd Management. They first met back in 2014 in Michael Saccente's Meisner acting class.

Kevin has appeared in the  tele feature The Kick, and Shortland Street fans will know him as villain 'Trent'.

Liam has appeared in Craig Newland's Frozen MomentsHe also received a nomination for Best Actor in the first season of These Two at NZ Web Fest 2017.