Brogan Wilkinson

The Woodcutter

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The WoodCutter is a short film directed by Kendall Bishop and produced by Brogan Wilkinson, which follows a sadistic woodcutter who hunts down a young woman. His mission is simple: to find the last body parts to re-create his deceased wife.

A modern horror, with a taste of Frankenstein.

The young victim Samantha, finds herself trapped in this woodcutter's fantasy. With his heart set on the kill, it comes down to Samantha's bravery and skills to escape her destined death.

We are 3rd-year Bachelor of Communications students majoring in Television and Film at AUT. As part of our final semester screen project, we are producing a short film from start to finish. 

Like most students, we are BROKE. This is where we need YOUR help. 

Your donations will go towards paying for our amazing actors, makeup artists, costumes, travel costs, props, as well as catering for our talented crew. We appreciate any way that you can help, and any and all donations will be appreciated.