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The War At Home First Episode

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I am making a 10 part series and am looking at funding the first 50min pilot episode. 

Potentially breaking this into 5x 10min parts released as they are finished. 

It's 3D animated, and is set in an alternate 1989 where different world events have turned the Cold War hot and World War III has broken out across the Pacific. The US isn't doing well and has ordered the remnant of their pacific fleet to Auckland to regroup with ANZAC forces.


Claire Whareaitu (voiced by Acushla-Tara Kupe), is the first female combat pilot in the RNZAF, and is at odds with her old traditional family that is uncomfortable at the thought of a female warrior.

Her brother Michael (voiced by Moehau Hodges-Tai) is a junior officer aboard the HMNZS Canterbury and is dealing with his own infidelity and leaving at home his heavily pregnant wife while he goes to fight.

Across the ditch is Gary Brewer (voiced by Barry Duffield) in command of the best armoured regiment in the Australian Army, he is very torn between staying home and defending Australia and having orders to head over to Auckland to regroup and defend against the USSR there.

And finally William Oliver (voiced by Kevin Orlando) in charge of a modest marine detachment aboard the US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in the pacific, he's was on the phone to his wife in Washington DC when it was vaporized and is now very torn up and charged with the responsibility of many young marines.

The first episode will introduce these characters, their struggles, and lay out the situation, the US remnant fleet coming to Auckland, a sneak attack on Australia at Sydney Harbour, the grating decision by David Lange to allow US ships into Auckland harbour with the third world war now coming to NZ's doorstep.


I've been working on this project since 2014 slowly getting things ready, promoting where I can, making proof's of concepts. 

I am aiming for $5,000, with my main goal to add another render computer to the 3 I already have. Rendering is what takes the most time, out of every step of animation pipeline. 

My stretch goal of $7,500 would mean I could add 2 rendering computers to my suite. 

Having one further rendering computer could shave months off of production of a first 50 minute episode.

Any further funding would go toward paying the amazing voice actors and Chris Hurn who is doing the music.

More of the amazing voice actors include:

- Cohen Holloway (Fresh Eggs, Hunt for the Wilderpeople)

- Josh Thomson (The Project, 7 Days)

- Millen Baird (Housebound, 800 Words)

- Ben Fransham (What We Do In The Shadows, The Shannara Chronicles)

- Peter McAllum (The Wild World Of Blinky Bill, Maya the Bee)

- Mark Coles Smith (Last Cab to Darwin, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4)

- Adam Harrington (Telltale's The Walking Dead, Telltale's The Wolf Among Us)

- Erik Braa (League of Legends, World of Warcraft)


Chris Hurn is a composer, with a focus on music for Trailers, Film, TV & Video Games.

His music has been used on trailers such as Avengers: Endgame, Solo, Star Wars - The Last Jedi, Shazam, Incredibles 2 and many more.

Chris has also written music for dozens of short films, a couple of features, commercials & video games.


I have been making content since I can remember.

In High School I wagged my 7th Form (Year 13) classes (except film studies) to make a feature film over the space of the entire year and ended up getting my school barricaded by the police. 

I've been animating since 2004, and attended Freelance Animation School in Auckland, in 2011-2012 to refine what I knew and learn more. 

I love animation as it's a way to tell a story without physical limiations. Anything you can imagine, you can put in that story.


  • New Zealand's entry into World War III

    1 WEEK AGO

    In this promotional scene - already on the path to war, we see the opening blow from New Zealand against the USSR.

    Featuring voice work from:

    Cohen Holloway, Sophia Johnson, Josh Thomson, Millen Baird, Ben Frahnsham, Jay Simon, Glen Levy, Sam Bunkall and Karl Burnett, and music by Chris Hurn.