Sheree Edwards

The Vibrant Flux - The Depot Artspace

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Sheree Edwards is a photographer, painter and printmaker (and mum to two small children) from Kerikeri, currently completing a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual), whose works investigate identity and heritage in Aotearoa, with a particular interest in her Maori/European heritage and how this heritage has formed identity in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Sheree has recently held a successful solo exhibition called 'Between Two Worlds' at the historic Stone Store in Kerikeri, bringing over 200 visitors to the 180 year old building in celebration of our bi-cultural history.

Her large digital photographic prints, and smaller photopolymer etchings tell a story of heritage and identity in Aotearoa.  Each print is produced and framed using archival materials to continue the conservation of her work and materials.

David Knight is a ceramic artist from Kerikeri whose hand crafted ceramic works investigate his own unique identity in New Zealand. David "born in the shadow of Mt Victoria" connects with his life through his ceramic works, and has a keen interest to re-connect with his earlier life in Devonport.  David's handcrafted ceramic bowls & Tuna (NZ eel) retrace his life in New Zealand.

David has recently held a successful solo exhibition called 'Touch' at Village Arts in Kohukohu.

Together, they wish to combine their passion and interest in connecting place with time and identity through their work.  With the use of vibrant pigments, this will be a colourful show, and an enjoyable viewing experience.

A young emerging New Zealand furniture designer will also be chosen to showcase their works as support for the show.

Funding raised will go towards:


Exhibition space lease x 4 weeks

Opening food and beverages


Exhibition Statement

Our identity in Aotearoa, New Zealand is formed through time, place and experience. 

Our lives are in constant flux, and identity can be tenuous in this modern world.  Connecting to the past and the generations before us, anchors our lives, and gives weight and purpose to our existence.

Sheree Edwards and David Knight's works are a modern reflection on the flux of life, place, memory and history in New Zealand.  Their vibrant colourful works engage with the space and their audience to create something new and present, whilst always acknowledging the past.

The exhibition showcases a range of works, including, ceramics, photography, painting & printmaking to create an exciting viewing experience.

The exhibition will also showcase a New Zealand emerging furniture designer whose works will act as supports for the show.

The Vibrant Flux
The Vernacular Lounge
Depot Artspace, Devonport
2-29th November 2013
Opening 3-4:30 Saturday 2nd Nov. Wine & nibbles.





    THANKYOU to everyone who has helped make our project a success.  Thankyou for keeping art alive and well in our communities.


    We hope you can join us at the Depot Artspace in Devonport for our opening on 2 November 3-4:30pm.   Wine and Nibbles.

    The exhibition runs till 29th November.


    We hope to see you there.


    Sheree & David



    A HUGE thankyou to Debbie and Kurt Goulding for your very generous donation towards our event.  You are helping keep art alive and well in or communities.  Many thanks Sheree & David.



    Thanks Mark Mitchell, for your very generous contribution to our event.  We really appreciate your generous spirit, and we hope you can make it along to the exhibition.  Awesome.


    Sheree Edwards

    David Knight

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