Christopher Brougham

The Underarm - New Zealand Tour

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Silly Mid On Productions was formed in 2011 to tour this unique and insightful play at the Rotorua Arts Festival. But the end goal has always been to get this show to new regions, in particular the South Island, and, ultimately, Australia.

In 2013, I moved to Melbourne where I held auditions for the first Australian actor to play the role of the boorish but troubled Aussie Brother in this trans-Tasman two-hander. While there I established networks and visited venues. Having secured the wonderfully talented actor, Jeremy Kewley, I returned to Wellington to action the NZ tour.

Many months of work later, the show now has a 10-venue 2014 itinerary in NZ, and a 6-venue 2015 tour of Australia confirmed. 2016 is shaping up well with a further 3 month tour of Australia. Acclaimed actor/director, Peter Hambleton, is to direct, generously agreeing to be paid only after the tour returns a profit.

Contra sponsorship deals are in place, and our fundraising will cover Australian award rates, trans-Tasman travel, suitable accommodation, and truck rental and royalties/licences. Your participation in the show will ensure that the tour can be produced to the highest standards.

Why am I so passionate about this show? Because there is no other play out there that so deftly explores both trans-Tasman and sibling rivalries. Expertly crafted by David Geary and Justin Gregory, this tale of two young brothers separated at 'that game' in 1981, resonates with an extraordinarily large demographic. Brash and verging on lunacy one minute, then poignant and heart-breaking the next, the show opens with familiar stereotypes but soon reveals its universal themes - the tyranny of distance, the heartache of loss and, finally, the strength in unification.

All this amounts to a show with tremendous theatrical satisfaction. And your participation will enable the company to get this production out into the places it deserves to be seen, and allow us to pursue what we do best - as Theatreview put it, make 'bloody good theatre'.