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Arcade Recordings is a micro label and recording project curated and headed by Rohan Evans - Sound Engineer and Venue manager of the Wine Cellar and formerly Whammy Bar

Over the years Arcade Recordings has undertaken a large number of recording projects for a huge variety of artists. Some of this has seen physical releases on cassette and on vinyl others digitally. Rohan has also helped with demo's live recordings, mastering, as well as engineering and mixing for a number other projects which have either been released on other labels or independently released

While this body of work has in parts been successful and even critically lauded the return on the physical sales particularly have been very slow. So it has not been sustainable to continue self financing physical releases.

Likewise the diy recording practice whilst not completely un commercial don't fully compensate for the time and expenses they consume, and as external pressures such as rent increases and noise restrictions have piled on to make Arcade Recordings increasingly precarious. This is a labour of love which Rohan would like to continue as it is part of a network of art practices which are often overlooked but play an important part of the New Zealand music world. Arcade Recordings is an important part of what Rohan has been attempting to achieve over the 15 years of his involvement in the music venue game. The luxury and privilege implicit in the freedom to pursue art in a non commercial manner does not absolve us from the need to pay rent.

What we're looking to do is raise a small amount to give a buffer to conduct at least one vinyl release and one or two cassette releases as well as invest in some further recording equipment.

'Official' Arcade Recordings releases (includes co releases)

Dad Jokes - True Love

Black Science - Cheer Up

Moppy - Mokai

New Gum Sarn - New Gold Mountain 

Herriot Row - learning not to talk 7"

Steve Abel - Luck / Hope


Herriot Row - Lesser Stars 

Reb Fountain- Hopeful & Hopeless

Reb Fountain - Little Arrows

Axes To Grind - See Ya Perry

Human Resourse 

Human Resourse PCBU

WOMB - Like Splitting The Head From The Body


Shoddy - With Nails & Glue ep


  • 5 Days to go!


    Thanks for all the love people.


    Its been a full on experience,  there has been quite a lot going on in the background but we've got a little more to get before we reach our target.


    On Saturday we've lined up a show at the wine cellar  with some amazing acts.   


    Silke will be keeping the door and people can contribute cash donations or she can help you setup and donate via the boosted platform 



    Sadly I can't be there as also on Saturday my family will be planting a tree in memory of my beloved mother Anneke who some of you know passed away in January 



    5 Days to go!