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The Tavern Of Power Concert Movie

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"So many nights at Golden Dawn you just knew.. this was the best thing happening in the world right now."

Help us finish our ambitious project to immortalise The Golden Dawn Tavern Of Power on the big screen. The coolest music venue in the world will soon be gone FOREVER, but with your help we can preserve its legacy and celebrate the incredible New Zealand musicians that have played on its crazy rickety stage.

We're making a fully immersive concert movie (like The Last Waltz, Woodstock or Dave Chapelle's Block Party): There's No Sign On The Door: The Tavern Of Power Concert Movie showcasing the best of what we've captured in 5.1 surround sound. We filmed and recorded every single performance of the last 69 days of The Golden Dawn Tavern Of Power's final run - over 100 acts. Our movie will be a poetic celebration of both the diversity and talent of New Zealand's musicians and the communities that thrive around them. A love letter to a special music venue. What it's like to be here. To party here. To be emotionally moved by the performances in this special place.. because soon it will be gone FOREVER.

Who's Involved

This project has been funded, directed and produced by sound engineer Bob Frisbee who, on top of all that, was working the sound desk for the majority of the gigs. Behind him is an incredible team of over 17 camera operators, 6 sound engineers, and our champion editor Dahnu Graham, given the daunting but exciting task of working his way through the many terabytes of footage.

Bob has long been known as the man behind the sound desk in venues all over the country and beyond. This has very much been a passion project to show some aroha for the artists he has worked with for decades.

How You Can Help

Every night we had our crew of camera people, sound engineers and technicians onsite to film and record every act. Now we need your help to work through over seven terabytes and hundreds of hours of footage to pull this together into a true concert movie experience that we intend to screen around New Zealand and the world.

Your donations will go towards paying our post-production team to pull this monumental project together (editing, grading, titles, transfers etc) and very importantly, contribute to paying the musicians in the film for the rights to include their music.

It is most important to us that we continue to support these artists for all they do to make our country a culturally vibrant place to live.

Your support for this film will help us create a truly special ode to the talent of our local musicians and create an important and long-lasting snapshot of the community that surrounds them. The Golden Dawn may be another fatality in the ongoing struggle to keep these creative spaces alive, but with There's No Sign On The Door we can champion and celebrate the people and the places that so many of us feel at home with.

There's No Sign On The Door: The Tavern Of Power Concert Movie.. a movie that's gonna be as buzzy and wildly enjoyable as being there.


  • It's a-happening!!!


    Yay we made it with a day to spare!! So stoked!!

    Thanks to everyone who contributed and for all the words of encouragement and excitement.. and memories.

    We've already started some preliminary editing and are fully on the buzz! Lots of exciting plans afoot.

    There's still 26 hours left. If you know of anyone who was planning to donate or who could still be interested then let them know.. their contribution will still be very useful.

    The more money we get the more we can use celebrating a huge chunk of local talent on the big screen.

    Thank you all again. I've loved every minute of this project so far.. even at its most exhausting lol.

    Can't wait to see you all at the premier!!


    here's some work-in-progress titles for the movie by the amazing Ash Duncan <3<3<3

    It's a-happening!!!
  • After The Madness


    Wow what a week! We weren't prepared for how epic and emotional the last few nights at Golden Dawn would be!!

    Back here now at the Noisefloor.. mixing and editing through all the recordings and footage. We captured so much gold in the final weeks!! I think we are on the way to making something truly special.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.. and for all the supportive words of encouragement. It's heartening to know so many of you fully get what we are doing and are totally behind us.

    We've had contributions from so many amazing people. With a little more help we'll be well on our way to paying our team of editors, data wranglers, and camera operators to pull all of this together. Hugely important to this project; we want to pay all the incredible artists for having their music in the movie. So spread the word!!

    Anyway we've got a movie to make. Keep you posted in the coming weeks.