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The Snot-Gobbler

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"Gornistoccle, Kvetchacolli, Schlamelmanella, Tukishtollitis and Scmoozlavitis! Whatever could these be!?! Just some real bad viruses that can give you the Sweezes."

The Snot-Gobbler is a magical, witty, linguistic, SLIME covered story encompassing the oft-avoided conversation about  children and families coping with serious illness and loss. Gotten-Gitten Von Schnauzelburger is a man made miserable by the grief of having lost the love of his life, Mary. His sadness is so great that he begins to find the joy and laughter of others, especially children, unbearable. With the unwitting help of the son he created, Robot Boy, Gotten-Gitten turns his intelligence to making viruses that produce large amounts of snot so that his Snot-Gobbler can then wipe the smiles off children's faces.

Rosie Petal, the heroine of our story is a nine-year-old girl who hasn't spent a day ill in her life despite Gotten-Gitten's best efforts. When The Snot-Gobbler manages to steal the smile of Rosie's younger brother, she knows that she must go and get it back! Rosie, is brave but every hero needs a sidekick and Rosie finds hers in the form of an old she spider with a particular love for fermented potato juice and an omnipotent knowledge of the grief that Gotten-Gitten, Robot Boy, and Rosie are all attempting to cope with in their own way. The story culminates into a harrowing adventure with an ending that will leave the audience on its toes and possibly covered in snot…we mean SLIME!

The Snot-Gobbler is the magical debut puppet show for Chocolate Lantern Theatre Company. Founded by Nicci Reuben and Dawn Glover in early 2016. Chocolate Lantern not only wants to spread the love of puppet, mask, and physical theatre to children throughout New Zealand via unique and dynamic drama classes, they also want to be a part of creating professional opportunities for the talented performers who live here.

Nicci and her partner, Ross Goffin, began dreaming up the The Snot-Gobbler many years ago, before they had moved country a couple of times and had their two little girls. Through out the years the characters of The Snot-Gobbler have stuck with them, morphing in their minds, solidifying, and making bedtime story appearances. When Nicci became a member of Navi Collaborative last year she shared the story with us and we immediately wanted to be a part of seeing her Snot-Gobbler goals through to fruition.

We need your help to #fundthemagic. By contributing to our Boosted campaign you will allow us to cover the costs of the materials that go into our puppets, our set, and vats of slime. By supporting us you will make it possible for us to pay our actors, designers, and technical crew. The Snot-Gobbler will premiere as a part of the Rangatahi Season at Te Pou Theatre in New Lynn (Auckland) the 19th-22nd of April. We are hoping that a successful Boosted campaign will not only allow us to cover the costs of our first season but that we will also be able to have a special "relaxed performance" for children with Autism, and hold free puppet making workshops for the children who come to see the show. For more information about The Snot-Gobbler please visit

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