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'The Sight of Stars' is a short queer psychological thriller film about an obsessive artist's quest for greatness in a world he does not feel destined for. Battling his ego, the artist must navigate extremities of narcissism and self-doubt in order to be at peace with his work and the people around him.


One night after a gallery opening, a struggling art student takes home a mysterious young man whom he ends up painting in a series of abstract portraits. Loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft's 'Hypnos', the film dips in and out of strange dreams the artist has of the man as he slowly loses his grip on reality.

Ultimately, the film is a universal tale about the hazards of obsession.

Our aim is to tell a story that explores the dark side of romance through the eyes of a misguided gay male character. The film intends to speak to an audience who might feel alienated by the world around them. In doing this, the film will hopefully offer some insight and enlightenment in their struggles.

Drawing inspiration from filmmakers such as Denis Villeneuve and Nicolas Winding Refn and their poetic use of beautiful images with violence, the story of a troubled artist will be a tense mirage of colour.

The film stars Leith Towers and Freddie Stott.

Key Crew: Writer/Director Jakob Twidle, Producers Christienne Jauregui, Callum Freeman, Gorjan Markovski & Antalya Atkinson, Original Music Nick Gudgeon, Production Design Max Irving-Lamb, Jessica O'Reilly


The film is being partly funded by Run, Shosanna Productions but we are aiming to raise an additional $2,000 NZD to help make the project the best it can be. Filmmaking is expensive and we require sufficient resources in order to make it right. This will all reflect on the finished product and bring our story to life.

Every single donation made is appreciated and put to use! This all contributes to gear and location hire, production design, and also transportation costs. Whether it is large or small, all donations are welcome and as BOOSTED is an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform, we absolutely must reach our goal.

To donate, you must register for a Boosted account, which is a very simple process and helps secure your transaction. All donations are tax deductible for NZ income earners and all donors will be mentioned in a special thanks at the end of the film. Donors will also be invited to the cast and crew screening in Auckland.

Principal photography for the film will commence in November.

For more info about Run, Shosanna Productions visit www.runshosanna.com and please LIKE us on Facebook.

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