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On the verge of disaster a baby boy is thrown to the sea. He not only survives… he thrives. As he grows older he finds himself torn between two loves, his best friend who is of the sea and a woman of the land. Can he choose one without destroying the other?

Imagine this...

You're sitting in the audience of a darkened theatre at the premiere night of a brand new show by one of New Zealand's most innovative and exhilarating theatre companies.

Whether you're a die hard theatre lover or this is your first time you can't help but notice the buzz and you're feeling the anticipation but also a little nervous. Why? Because you are an integral part of this never to be repeated moment. You have played your role in the creation of this work. You have met the performers and designers, and chatted to the directors. You look forward to a glass of bubbles with them after the show!

Flash back to six months earlier when you were one of the first to see this  show in its emerging form. You were there at the crucial stage of the workshopping process of this piece that was, at the time, simply "inspired by the sea". You were invited to observe and share your reactions as the company developed story and character, flew around the room, made creatures large and small and brought them to life. You knew you were within the process of something big... 


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    Wow! What an incredible finish to our BOOSTED campaign which has ended with $6450 donated!!

    A HUGE thanks to all of YOU - the 101 donors who helped us across the finish line!!!
    We'd now like to give back to all of you who have contributed and become a part of this journey that is our story about the sea.

    Our Development Showing for this work will take place at our home, the Corban Estate Arts Centre, in September this year and we'd love all of you to be our VIP guests at this event!

    In order to confirm your place on our guest list, please send your Full Name, Contact Phone Number and Email Address to our Producer:

    We can't wait to meet you all in person and show you this work up close!

    Thanks again and see you all soon,


  • 2 days left!


    We are so excited and so grateful to all of you who have donated to The Sea Story – THANK YOU!!

    We’re really looking forward to meeting you all in September at the Development Showing where you’ll be able to see what each and every dollar from this BOOSTED campaign is going towards! Come along and meet the cast and creatives, join with the other donors at the best seats in the audience and watch the creatures, the imagery, the lights, the sound, the performers and the story, that you've contributed to, come to life!

    And if you know anyone who might be interested in joining with you on this journey, we still have 2 days left - every contribution, big or small, helps us to realise this fantastical tale of the ocean! And they'll become a VIP, and treasured member of the Red Leap whanau, just like you.

    2 days left!
  • 12% to go!!


    Wow only 12% left to go!! To all of our supporters - you are incredible, we love you!

    Don't forget to keep spreading the word and help us get over the finish line to our target!

    We're so close it's really exciting!




    12% to go!!
  • We're heading to the finish line with 5 days to go!


    Well we're definitely on our way to the finish line - thank you to all of you who have joined us in the last two days. We're almost there!

    Thanks also to those of you who came to our 'Meet The Team' cup of tea on Friday afternoon. It led to a great discussion with some wonderful suggestions. It was very special to have you there.

    The VIP list for September is growing and from what we saw the team do in the studio today we think you're going to be just as excited as we are!

    If you know someone else who would like to be a VIP with you in September, please encourage them to consider giving us their support.

    We couldn't do it without you!



    We're heading to the finish line with 5 days to go!
  • 6 Days To Go!!


    A huge thanks to all of the donors who have joined us over the weekend and hiked our donations up to 66% - a great achievement over the last 3 days.

    We've now got under a week to reach our target! We're almost there and with your support, we know we'll make it!

    Please continue to share this link and video with your friends, whanau and colleagues!

    Remember to share the news that everyone who donates something towards our BOOSTED campaign, gets a personal invite as a VIP guest to our September showing. And they can sit next to you!

    6 Days To Go!!
  • 9 Days And Counting...


    Thank you to all of you who have donated in the last 24 hours! We're getting closer and closer to our target. If you love the idea maybe your friends will too and with NINE DAYS TO GO, you can help us by spreading the word, and the link to this page:

    Please remember to join us TODAY from 4pm-5pm at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson, to meet our team behind this new work. We look forward to seeing you there!


    9 Days And Counting...
  • 10 Days To Go!!!


    10 days to go on our BOOSTED campaign and we're at a wonderful 43%! Thank you to all of you who have donated. Please remember you are invited to join us for an exclusive 'Meet the Team' TOMORROW from 4pm-5pm at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson. Please RSVP to: We'd love to see you there!

    Please continue to share this link with your friends, whanau and colleagues. We're almost at the half way mark! We'd love to reach our goal in ten days and we know we can do it with your help! The direct link is:



    10 Days To Go!!!
  • See what creatures your money is helping to create...


    Click on this link to see what some of your BOOSTED funds are going towards creating:

    See what creatures your money is helping to create...
  • We're back in the workshop!


    Thanks to all of our new donors who have joined us on BOOSTED! With 13 days left to reach our target we'd love for you all to spread the word so please continue sharing our video on this page!

    Today our devising cast have joined us once again in the workshop room to continue story development on this project for the next three weeks [image below].

    We'd love to meet you all this FRIDAY 10th MAY from 4pm-5pm at the Corban Estate Arts Centre out in Henderson. Come along for a cuppa and meet the team behind the show! RSVP to

  • Moving up..


    A huge thanks again to all of you for donating towards our BOOSTED project.

    We'd really appreciate if you could keep spreading the word and passing the link from this page onto your own friends and whanau.

    With 17 days to go, we'll be needing a BOOST to get us to the finish line!

    Thanks again!

    Moving up..
  • Meet the team behind the sea show..


    We’d love to invite all of our BOOSTED donors to come to our HQ and meet the team behind our brand new work that you’ve generously donated towards.


    Come and join us for a cup of tea, meet the workshop cast, directors and prop makers and see some of the work we’ve been creating. Bring your own fact about the sea and go in the draw to win a double pass to our September showing!


    When: Friday 10th May, 4pm-5pm

    Where: Corban Estate Arts Centre (Shed 2), 2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson, Auckland


    Please RSVP to:


    Meet the team behind the sea show..
  • Five Facts About Whales: Fact #5


    Did you know: Sperm whales have the largest brains in the animal kingdom!



    Five Facts About Whales: Fact #5
  • Five Facts About Whales: FACT #4


    The BLUE whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on earth (it needs to eat 3-7 tonnes of krill per day!).  Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant!

    Being the largest they are also the loudest creatures on the planet and it's thought they can hear each other from over 1600 kms away

    Ocean noise including ships, underwater drilling, etc, is thought to have caused the animals to have to talk louder and for longer to communicate.


    Five Facts About Whales: FACT #4
  • Facts About Whales #3


    Did you know that Humpback whale milk is 50% fat and is pink in colour?

    Facts About Whales #3
  • Five Facts About Whales: FACT #2


    Migaloo is an Albino humpback who is spotted from time to time off the coast of Australia.


    Migaloo means white fella.


    Five Facts About Whales: FACT #2
  • Five Facts About Whales: FACT #1


    Whales will definitely make an appearance in our brand new work so we thought we'd share FIVE interesting facts about whales over the coming week.

    FACT #1:

    The Bowhead whale may be the world's oldest living animal, with some thought to be over 200 years old.  

    Living in the cold arctic waters, this whale doesn't stop growing.   Almost hunted to extinction, the Bowhead is very, very shy of humans.


    Five Facts About Whales: FACT #1
  • We invite you to join us...


    Firstly, a big thank you to our new donors! Every little bit helps us get closer to our goal and we really appreciate your input!

    Secondly, Red Leap Theatre are running a new initiative this year where we mentor new physical theatre works through the early stage of their development. We will be showcasing four of these works in development in a mixed bill programme on April 19 & 20, 7pm at Corbans Estate Arts Centre in Henderson, with a light supper provided.

    Please RSVP to to confirm your spot.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    We invite you to join us...
  • Pinterest Inspiration


    As we continue gathering stories and imagery to inspire our next development workshop, our Co-Artistic Director, Kate Parker, has been collecting photos of the ocean and it's incredible creatures on her pinterest. Check out some of the things here that will inspire our own creatures:

    Pinterest Inspiration
  • Thank You from Red Leap Theatre


    Thank you so much for your contribution to our BOOSTED Project The Sea Story. We look forward to staying in touch with you as we work towards our September presentation. We would love you to share our story with your networks as well. We are doing well but still have over $5000 to raise through BOOSTED. We began the process of making The Sea Story in March 2012 with an overnight company hui. 50 Red Leapers and their families gathered at Huia on the West Coast and brainstormed everything we love and fear about the sea, all that intrigues and inspired us about the sea. We will share some of the images and stories that inspired us. This photo is of the incredible Japanaese ama Pearl Divers. And do you know why pirates wear gold earings? Sailors were once obliged to wear a gold earing so if they were drowned at sea there would be something to pay for their funeral when they washed up on shore.

    Thank You from Red Leap Theatre

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