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The Santa Claus Show

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Be part of the next generation of The Santa Claus Show!

'The Santa Claus Show' has been a cornerstone of Tim Bray Productions and Kiwi Christmases since 1991, and even though it is time for the current set, costumes and props to go into retirement, the show isn't over!

Originally written by Tim Bray for his nieces, Alana and Kelly, this is a show close to our hearts, and the hearts of many Kiwi families. As the longest running Kiwi Christmas show, generations of families have come to watch the heart-warming story of Santa, Alana and Kelly, and like many good old things, 'The Santa Claus Show' could now use a facelift.

We would like to invite you to become a part of the next generation of this iconic show by donating to help us build a magical new set, costumes and props that will keep the show running for many more years to come. As a charitable trust, we need the support of our audiences to keep the fun alive.

$5,000 is our campaign target to at least get the new set built and created, but we are hoping to raise the $15,000 required to also create the new costumes, props and lighting. Thanks to the generous support of Curious Design NZ, we are already part way there - they will match every dollar you donate up to $1500!

And don't forget, because Boosted is run by the Arts Foundation, you can claim 33% back on your donation at the end of the tax year. Lots of reasons to join in the fun!

Thanks for your support!

The PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna: 9 - 22 December.