Connor Pritchard

The Right Mistake

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This film is about a girl who falls in love with a guy who is considered 'bad news' - a little bit crazy. All of her friends think that she is making a huge mistake, but she never listens. She is so in love with him that she is completely oblivious to the crimes/illegal things he is doing. Every day her friends keep telling her to leave him and she always says no, until it's too late...

This psychological thriller short film underlines the dangers of drink driving, getting mixed in with the wrong crowds, and also making good decisions in life. Our aim is to create something very effective for the youth of New Zealand 

Director: Connor Pritchard Co-Director: Joe Coleman Writer: Joe Coleman Director of Photography: Connor Pritchard, Quinn Bromley Creative Direction: Beautiful Divine Producer: Ethan Zonneveld Sound Mixer: Jacob Barber VFX: Quinn Bromley Production Company:  ConnorFilms

Every single donation made is really appreciated and put to use! All of these donations will be put towards gear, locations and post-production. Whether it is large or small, all donations are welcome!

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