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THE REALM is a TV series aimed at teens (and everyone else).

It is written, it is getting great feedback from test readers, and it has Australian and New Zealand investors and sponsors putting money into a teaser trailer to take to Netflix, and the Australian networks and TV studios. We need to show what we can do. We have lined up a great cast and are ready to film next weekend.

Unfortunately, our costs just went over the budget and we stand to lose all the hard work and money put in since March on this trailer.

We urgently need another $1850 by this Friday to pay for an indoor studio space for three days of filming out of the weather. If you can help, please chip in. It is a project near and dear to my heart and if you have supported any of my previous campaigns, you know that I work hard and keep pushing and haven't given up yet.

RESET is still rolling out across the world and THE REALM as a TV Series has even greater potential.

I know it is fast and furious fundraising and urgent - so help if you can.

If you can't - thank you for your support in spirit.

Tanya :)




    Hello generous donors to THE REALM project. It has experienced delays and obstacles but it is finally nearing completion. We should have the teaser video finished by tomorrow and the series bible is complete. Huge thanks to Martin C. Green for graphic design work on the 114 page Series Bible - it looks awesome. He works out of Adelaide so if you need a graphic designer, put him on your list. We had a couple of bibles printed and they look great. We will show the full thing when we release it officially, but in the meantime, here is a teaser photo of the cover. For more regular updates on THE REALM project - check us out on Facebook page The Realm. https://www.facebook.com/The-REALM-465699303789244/

    We have struggled through months trying to get the video and series bible finished... the VFX look great, the sound mix is fantastic, the colour grading is amazing - thanks so much to the DIGIPOST team for all of their hard work. Ed Sampson and I are very lucky to have such support from so many as we try to get this project off the ground. Anyone with a best friend in the commissioning department of NETFLIX should definitely get in touch with us ;) 

    More updates in a couple of days! Including a link to the new teaser video you helped us make! 




    Hi All - THE REALM's teaser is well underway and is locked now. We are in post production waiting for visual effects, sound mixing, composing and colour grading. These things take time so we do not expect to have the trailer finished until November at this stage. 

    We have had some bumpy rides with the filming of this project but we are experiencing smoother sailing now. We have also had a photo shoot with the actors involved in THE REALM and will be using them to create our 'series bible' with the show's plan and details for potential sales pitches. 

    The only thing that bothers me still is that I still have no clue who some of our anonymous donors were - I thank you for being a donor, but wish I could thank you in person. I am deeply appreciative and endebted to everyone who donated and helped us set this project in motion. Many thanks friends and whanau, you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for helping dreams get pursued and projects get made. 


  • We did it!! We did it!! Thank YOU !


    We filmed our scenes for our teaser and it went very well. A few hiccups but the footage looks amazing. I have attached a fuzzy little phone photo from the last day of shooting in the studio set we hired thanks to all of you. Actors are Celeste Reardon playing Luci, Locky Nolan playing Michael (standing) and Alex Cubis playing Rafe (lying in bed). 

    If not for the amazing support of everyone who donated, we would have been completely lost and would have had to cancel everything, so I am so grateful to everyone who believed in us enough to donate. 

    YAY - I will keep you posted, and will show you what we have made, when post production is completed. I think you will be pleasantly surprised :) 

    We did it!! We did it!! Thank YOU !
  • The REALM - Facebook page to find out more


    https://www.facebook.com/The-REALM-465699303789244/ Check it out, and like the page. Receive updates on what we are doing and who with! 


    The actors of THE REALM are a talented bunch and we look forward to helping create characters on the screen in a teaser we can show to prospective co-production partners. 


    Thanks everyone for donating and sharing! I will feel better when we cross the $600 dollar mark or the 33% mark... milestones! Currently at $595 and 32% so we are not far off! 


    I leave you with a picture of international singer and actor GREGG ARTHUR, who will be playing DETECTIVE TOM WARREN in the series. 


    Tanya :) 

    The REALM - Facebook page to find out more
  • 25% funded...


    THE REALM is a teen TV series that we are producing a trailer for. We thought you might like to see a few of our actors. Playing MICHAEL is Locky Nolan. His hair is short and spiky now, and his impish grin won us over at the audition. Can't wait to see him in action as our leading man, Michael. 

    25% funded...
  • One day down, three to go...


    We are filming this weekend and need to pay for access to a studio space for some of the filming. This was an unexpected expense outside our filming budget for this TV series teaser trailer for my project, THE REALM. 

    This is Jordan Hare, our lead actress who is playing the role of VIRGINIA. 

    We are down to the wire with no dilly dallying on this one, people... so if you can, donate, if you can't no problem... but please share it either way. We are at 25% after one day, if we keep that up then by Friday we could make our target. Help :) 

    We'll update every day until deadline. Fast and furious fundraising... wouldn't ask if we did not need it! Tanya & the Team 



    One day down, three to go...

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