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Have you ever watched the news and thought it was all a bit negative? Have you ever thought why aren't there any shows about positive stories?. Well you are in luck! Julia and her two lemur friends Ricky and Ronnie are making a show that will put a smile on your face when you listen to it. 

The Positivity Show is a radio show that showcases stories of people having a positive impact on their communities, locally and around the world. It will also include interviews with local experts in positivity and good music for people to groove to. Finally you will be able to tune into the airwaves and discover all the wonderful things that are happening around the place!

Julia has been working with Otago Access Radio for a few years now and has been helping make a radio show with the people of Connections Centre, a support service for people with disabilities. She has a passion for radio and believes it's the best way to connect with the wider community. 

We are planning on starting with six half-hour shows, broadcast fortnightly on Otago Access Radio starting in early March 2018. Donors will get shout outs, can request songs, ask the lemurs questions, and if you have your own positive stories we'd love to hear about those too!

Your donations will go toward funding studio time for the recording of the show and getting it on the air. With your support we can turn this into a ongoing show spreading positive vibes!

Thank you all so much for your generous support! Stay tuned to Otago Access Radio and we will be on the air in no time.


  • Continued Support


    We have reached our target!!! A massive thank you to everyone who has donated! Its not over yet though, you can still donate to The Positivity Show and the extra money will go towards more episodes in the future. Can't wait to be on the air soon!

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