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The Piano Project

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Nelson Theatrix are an independent, not for profit theatre company in Nelson City. Our purpose in life is to create exciting opportunities for locals of all ages, to participate in and have access to great artistic performances. Our great passion is musical theatre, and our ongoing success story is the Broadway Unplugged Concert Series.

Ghostlight is Nelson's newest theatre space. Operating on Bridge Street, this exciting new space is already booking up fast, with unique performances and training opportunities for all ages and stages. It is already kitted out with moveable staging, flexible seating and the beginnings of an epic lighting rig. What it is missing though, is a piano.

Every great theatrical space needs a piano. The simple presence of a piano opens up the possibilities of the space like nothing else can. A piano literally transforms a simple, empty room into a concert space, a music rehearsal space, a place to sing with friends, the ability to add live music to a show, a space to workshop a musical. The possibilities become endless, and oh so exciting!

Nelson Theatrix are going to purchase a piano, which will live in Ghostlight and help to see both companies thrive, and here is where you come in.

Theatre is about bringing community together, Music is about joining together to create something beautiful. So, it's only fair to invite all of you to be a part of what we are calling "The Piano Project."

In short, we are building something beautiful, and we want you to join us for the ride! So please donate and share, and thank you so much for your support.


  • Digital piano time!


    We have an exciting update!

    Laura at ghostlight has been donated an acoustic piano! Which is awesome!

    At first, it may seem like this means our campaign is no longer needed - au contraire! Read on to find out more...

    What does this mean for our campaign?

    We are still fundraising for a piano.
    It will still reside in Ghostlight.
    It will still be owned and maintained by Nelson Theatrix.

    We are going to purchase a DIGITAL PIANO to give musicians options when they come and perform here.
    A Digital piano is easily transportable - so we will now have the option to perform ANYWHERE in town, instead of being restricted to just venues with pianos.
    A digital piano is a LOT cheaper than an acoustic piano, and does not need regular tuning - so we can keep it maintained without having to constantly search for funds to keep it in great shape.
    Everybody Wins!