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TH3 ORDER will be presenting a new commission for Performance Space / Day For Night in Sydney Australia in October. Made up of performance artists James Waititi, Jermaine Dean and Julian Chote, this exciting new gathering of creatives based in Tamaki Makaurau in Aotearoa will debut their newest creation for the festival. 

Your support will go toward the cost of production and touring related costs. This includes the install and physical mounting of the work. The cost of travel and on the ground costs have been supported through the festival so this extra assistance will help us to make the work and time away more practical. 

Please join FAFSWAG in supporting the work of these artists, innovating and expanding their practice into new international spaces. Every contribution helps no matter how big or how small and will go toward the creation of this new work and the professional development of the artists. 


Th3 Order presents The Lion, The Lady pouring Water and The Lady with Wheat looking West - a showcase of individual works and ideas woven together to create an introduction to the 3 members of Th3 Order and how they all so oddly come together.

The Lion, The Lady pouring Water and The Lady with Wheat looking West is a 30 minute stage piece using projection, dance, performance, music and deadpan dialogue with strong influence from circus jestering, activation, dry comedy and drag to invoke an odd way of approaching stage. The theme is Th3 Order.