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THE OFFENSIVE NIPPLE SHOW needs help on the road to Melbourne!

Your donation will support this award winning work and two delighted women get to the Sydney and Melbourne Fringe Festival to perform two seasons, and take an important work to the International stage. 

OUR JOURNEY… from humble beginnings to International Tour. It started with two giant cardboard nipples falling hopelessly in love in Wellington and grew into an outrageous, necessary and celebrated physical 50minute sketch show. We looked with honesty and humour at how our hyper-sexualised culture around women is radically disconnecting us from our bodies. We wanted to be silly and to be empowered in the same breath.

THE OFFENSIVE NIPPLE SHOW debuted at NZ Fringe this year winning the prestigious Tiki Tour Ready Award - which gave us a venue, partial funding and registration to the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September. And we want to make sure this is the best season yet!

"unapologetically and outrageously hilarious" (Pantograph Punch)

OUR VISION … Everywhere we take the show, we want people to have opportunities to not just watch, but to engage their own bodies. So your funds will not only help this "masterfully crafted" show get to two different cities, but also to host two Body-Positive Public Skinnydipping events, and will support the basics of our community art event, the Body Sovereignty Exhibition, where we collaborate with Melbourne Artists to put on a performance night of new and local work.

"observant, expressive, politically resonant" (Theatreview)

We made this show to challenge, to make you laugh and to see just how magically ordinary the body can be! With your help we can keep this conversation going!

To complement this fundraising campaign we will be hosting a special fundraising showing of The Offensive Nipple Show at Auckland's Basement Theatre with special guests for One Night Only on 22nd August. We would love to see you there!

No donation is too small - every little bit helps this important and entertaining work get to Australia.

We want to take our Offensive Nipples out to the world - and with your support we will get there!

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