The Nomadic Art Gallery

The Nomadic Art Gallery

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To all artlovers and travellers amongst you: aren't you fed up with classic art galleries? Wouldn't you love supporting a project that merge travel and art together? We have good news: the "Nomadic Art Gallery" may be coming your way this summer.

By its mobile nature, this art gallery on wheels steps away from traditional art spaces. Its emphasis on "cultural discoveries" will guide you to eight pinned-down locations in New Zealand, where multidisciplinary artistic events are held, shedding light on local artists and the communities behind these. This gallery paves the way for unconventional artistic exhibitions, workshops, cinematic screenings and bridges the gap between art & people.

Whilst local artists from New Zealand need the Nomadic Art Gallery to exhibit their works, we CALL ON YOU to make this project become true. The target sum of 9900 NZD will allow us to build the gallery (see architectural plans) and to acquire material permitting local artists to leave their artistic mark on the "exterior" of the gallery. By doing so, the Gallery will become an artwork on itself, commonly created by different artists crossed along the way. Once finished, this (Neo)conceptual public artwork would be reflected upon and, ultimately, auctioned.

With the gathered funds from the sale of The Nomadic Art Gallery we intend to create a similar space in Belgium where Contemporary Pacific Art, which is hardly accessible to Europeans, is physically promoted. This continuity, in the form of talks, media articles and exhibitions in Europe, would add an international dimension to our project started in New Zealand, build further on created human relationships and bring a voice to under-represented pacific artists in that part of the world.

Creatively yours, 

Arthur Buerms - Curator (Brussels, Berlin, Antwerp, Ghent

Eugenie Coche - Lawyer & Editor