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What happens when you gather together 15 experienced Indigenous Filmmakers from all over the globe and give them 72 hours and just $800 each to make a film?

The Native Slam, held in March 2016 was an international Indigenous filmmaking challenge that aimed to encourage collaboration beyond borders. 

In just 72 hours, this challenge produced five stunning short films.

Now we need your help to finish these films so that we can take them to the world!


The dream for the Native Slam was born 14 years ago, on a Canadian road trip, snow falling; a Maori and an Aboriginal woman driving in a convertible - lid down, heater on 10, music blaring. True story! They even imagined themselves as Thelma and Louise of the Southern Hemisphere. They got plenty of stunned reactions from passing truck drivers and others on their long trip from Toronto to Ottawa but on that winters road trip a Trans Tasman Indigenous relationship was forged.

In March of this year, Australian producer Pauline Clague and Māoriland Film Festival Director, Libby Hakaraia, with support from the NZFC, brought that dream of international indigenous collaboration to life in The Native Slam.


This international indigenous collaboration had some unique tikanga associated with it.

- The film's title must be in a Native language.

- Every film must have some spoken and un-translated native language.

- Every film must heal.

- Creative and managerial control of the film will be Indigenous. A portion of the intellectual property will lie with any tribal owners of the story. A portion of the profits of the film will be held in trust for Indigenous film education.

These films are proof that when passion, skill and a willingness to collaborate is combined, magic happens.


Māoriland Film Festival and the Native Slam Filmmakers want to take these films to festivals around the world so that they can be shared with the communities they were born from and so that they can inspire further Indigenous collaboration.

What we are seeking is a total of $22,000 to sound mix each film and polish the post production. The Native Slam films will then be ready for submission to film festivals around the world.

Please help us to reach our target by making a tax deductible donation to our campaign.


The Native Slam is a forum to encourage creativity and international collaboration amongst Indigenous filmmakers. We intend this series of works to be only the beginning.

Want to see them for yourself? We will provide an opportunity to all funders to see the work once they have been finished. We have already received an invitation to bring these films to Skabmagovat Film Festival in Finland in January and we aim to have them programmed for other film festivals.

Please remember - Boosted is an all or nothing platform - if we don't reach our target in 30 days, we won't receive a single dollar so we need your help! Please donate, share this page with your networks and spread the word.

When you donate to our Boosted campaign you are supporting the voices of Indigenous people in film.







A cry for the ones we miss.

Tainui Stephens - Te Rarawa
Zoe Hopkins - Mohawk
Rima Tamou - Bulgunnwarra, Ngā Ruahine


A man must face a harsh reality in his attempt to fix an estranged relationship between him and his 16 year old daughter.

Himiona Grace - Ngati Toa, Ngati Porou
Blackhorse Lowe - Navajo
Sunna Nousuniemi - Sapmi


A visual poem with music and painting seeks a pathway of discovery about the world and ourselves.

Kath Akuhata Brown - Ngāti Porou
Sara Margreth Oskal - Sapmi
Echota Killsnight - Northern Cheyenne, Cherokee Keetowah


What is supposed to be the most inspiring moment in a woman's life soon becomes the most terrifying as complications to the delivery occur.

Mike Jonathan - Te Arawa, Ngāti Awa
Sonia Boileau - Mohawk
Jeremiah Tauamiti - Samoa


"Sometimes loneliness makes the loudest noise." A friendship is altered forever when the courage of one is not reciprocated by the other.

Chelsea Winstanley - Ngāti Ranginui
Cornel Ozies - Yawuru, Goonyland
Trevor Mack - Tsilhqot'in



  • WINDA - We premiere in Sydney today!


    Kia ora whānau, over the last few weeks The NATIVE Slam has been on a massive journey. We had our world premiere at imagineNATIVE in Toronto and today we have our Australian Premiere in Sydney at Winda Film Festival. We screen at 3:30 pm at Hoyts in the Entertainment Quarter and would love to see any of you who can make it! 

    All the details are online here: https://windafilmfest.com/films/#nativeslam

    Ngā mihi,

    The NATIVE Slam team




    The NATIVE Slam will premiere at this years imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts festival in Toronto, Canada. 


    Once again, thank you for all of your support - you made this happen!

    We will be sending out an email with information about viewing the films online once they have screened in Toronto.

    Ngā mihi,

    Māoriland Film Festival

  • Finishing The Native Slam


    Kia ora koutou,

    We are excited to let you all know that last week we finished The Native Slam films! 

    Thanks to your support we were able to fly The Native Slam producer, Pauline Clague, in to Wellington to work with Mike Gibson and the team at Park Road Post to tidy up the sound and picture grade. 

    In another massive feat of time and resources, Pauline and Mike slammed through all five films in under five days. We're now excited to be able to say that The Native Slam is ready for screenings around the globe! 

    Thank you to Mike Gibson and the Park Road Post team for helping us execute our dreams into reality!

    We have submitted The Native Slam to a number of film festivals and will keep you all updated as to our progress. We will also be providing an opportunity for all of you who Boosted The Native Slam to be able to view the films. If you chose to not disclose your contact details but would like to see what your support enabled, please email us at maddy@maorilandfilm.co.nz

    From the whole Native Slam team - thank you once more for all of your support. 

    Ngā mihi nui,

    The Native Slam 

    Finishing The Native Slam
  • 100%!!!!!! THANK YOU


    You guys are too much! Last night we hit 100% on our Boosted NZ campaign for The Native Slam. THANK YOU! This means that we will be able to complete the sound and colour grade for all five Native Slam Films!!!!

    If you haven't already shared The Native Slam with your friends. Now is the time to do it. 

    We've still got 38 hours left on Boosted which means that if you haven't donated - you still can. All extra money raised will go towards a wicked marketing campaign to support these films.

    Whatever we have left after that will go towards the next NATIVE SLAM!

    Your contribution will help to create even more independent, Indigenous films. You are directly supporting the international Indigenous film community! 

    For all your support, thank you. 

    Ehara koe i a ia!





    Mabu liyarn


    100%!!!!!! THANK YOU
  • The Final Push!


    In just three days our crowdfunding campaign for The Native Slam comes to an end.

    It was exhilirating to see our campaign climb to 30% of our target on the first day and we really cannot express enough how appreciative we are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Now we have come to the nail biting last three days and we need your support more than ever.

    As you'll know, Boosted is an all or nothing deal, so if we don't reach 100% by the end of Friday, we won't receive any of the funds you have all donated to finish the five beautiful short films. These are special films made by Māori filmmakers with their brothers and sisters from Sapmi, Navajo, Mohawk, Samoan, Bulgunnwarra, Yawuru, Tsilhqot'in, and Northern Cheyenne.

    The most important theme was that they made films that Heal.

    They did! And in doing so they have forged strong friendships. Who knows what future collaborations might yield.

    Please share The Native Slam with your friends, your workmates, your families. Together we can do this! 

    And remember - when you donated to The Native Slam - you didn't just donate to help us finish these films, you donated to support independent Indigenous filmmaking. This is the idea that Indigenous perspectives are important and should be expressed by people from the communities they were born from.

    You donated to support the work of 15 Indigenous filmmakers who represent 17 nations from around the world.

    You donated to show us that The Native Slam is a project worth supporting - this means that in future we may be able to produce more 'Native Slams' 

    Last but not least, you donated to a vision that together we are stronger. The unique stories of our communities, when shared can change the world. 

    Ka nui te mihi! Aroha mai aroha atu!

  • Four days to go!


    We only have 4 days to go before our crowd finding campaign for The Native Slam comes to an end. We have just under $8,000 to raise if we are to meet our target.

    I know many of you have contributed and we’re so grateful for that. If you haven’t yet done so, please click on the link below and have a think about making a contribution.

    One of the themes of the film SKOHA that I made with Zoe and Rima concerns the more than 1600 indigenous women of Canada who have gone missing or have been murdered over the past three decades. Over 200 women every year just disappear. This appalling situation has been publicised through the red dress project. Red dresses appear in many places to bring news of the plight of our native sisters and their families to the world.

    In these images we see some of those dresses, including our Mohawk sister Zoe standing by the red dress we hung in Ngā Purapura Ōtaki, to promote our film.

    Please help us to tell our story to the world. A small contribution on the part of people who care, helps us to tell the stories we need to see and hear.

    Arohanui nā

    Team Skoha

    Four days to go!
  • 32% in 1 day!? - THANK YOU


    32% in only 1 day! You guys are unbelievable!

    When we put together our grand plan for how this was going to go we hoped that maybe we could manage to hit 10% on day one and 30% by the end of week one. Thanks to you guys we've already hit both those targets!

    We've still got a long way to go but we wanted to touch base right now to say thank you to all those who donated. You are now one of our team - with your help we are one step closer to taking these films overseas.

    What next?

    If you're already here you've probably read all about the NATIVE SLAM above. If you still want to know more, click here to LIKE our Facebook Page - here we're sharing more behind the scenes info on the films. If you're a visual person - click here to FOLLOW us on Instagram - here we'll be sharing images from the NATIVE SLAM.

    Last but not least - share this page. If we're gonna pull this thing off we still need to raise another $15K. With your support we can make this happen!

    Naku noa na, 

    The NATIVE SLAM Team