Elise Sterback

The Motherf**ker with the Hat

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Help us bring Motherf**ker to the streets - we want to put up A0 posters all over Auckland featuring the poetic profanities of this beautiful play's title.

AND We're transforming The Basement into a ruggedly, authentic New York apartment - so, we'll also be using some of the money raised to hire a street artist to paint all over the Basement's walls...

Give us yo' pennies mofos!!


About the play:

Recovering addict Jackie leads us on a high-octane, poetically profane quest for self-transformation and misplaced haberdashery. Set in the melting pot of NYC, this raw, urban comedy explores the trials of loving people despite their screw ups, while delivering a swift kick in the karmic cojones.

Writer Stephen Adly Guirgis (LAByrinth Theatre Company) received six Tony Award nominations for the 2011 Broadway season - Vibracorp Productions (Abigail's Party) presents its NZ premiere.

Motherf**ker with the Hat brings together a star-studded cast including: Calum Gittins (The King's Speech, Eigengrau), Fasitua Amosa (Auckland Daze, Niu Sila), John Tui (Battleship, Sione's Wedding), Andi Crown (August Osage County, Abigail's Party) and rising starlet Saraid Cameron. Directed by Edwin Wright.

The Motherf**ker with the Hat
3-14 June 2014
The Basement

Big ups to Studio Alexander for coming on board as a sponsor to design our stunning campaign!


  • 3 days left to donate


    Our season has officially wrapped and we were thrilled to end it with a sell out week! We especially loved some of our audience's reviews:

    "I LOVED it - I was completely enthralled and it's one of the better shows I've seen in ages. Well done!"

    "I could have watched that for longer - snappy, great, powerful, everything you need in a piece of theatre."

    "One of the most fiercely human plays I've seen lately, really visceral. You should definitely go watch this motherfuckin' show!"

    We did it for you Mofos!

    But now we need your help - we've got 3 days left on our new campaign, and despite the success of the season we still need a little extra support. (Makin' theatre is expen$ive yo!)

    For those of you wondering, this is how financing a theatre show works - you recruit a giant team of super-talented people and tell them to do it for the love of it. Then you give them some lean ass budgets to use to build sets, make costumes, design tattoos, compose an orginal soundtrack and so on.

    Then you drop as much cash as you can scrap together on marketing and publicity and hope people show up (they did, yay!!). All the while hustling to convince funders and sponsors to give you money and free stuff to get the show up (and sinking a decent portion of your own income into it too).

    We've done really well to get a high-quality production on the stage and get people there to see it, and we're proud of what we've achieved. But now, as the producer, I want to also be able to ackowledge the hard work and creative genius of the cast and crew involved by offering them close to something like a professional fee. 

    That's what I need your help to do - if you saw the show, and admired Calum, Saraid, Fasitua, Andi and John's brilliant performances; were impressed by Edwin's thoughtful direction; and Laura, Hannah-Lee, Sarah and Rachel's painstakingly polished designs. If you felt that this was a story that needed to be told in Auckland - then please help me reward them for working their badass booties off!

    Let's give local talent a reason to keep working in this town.. help me pay them what they're worth and donate now before our next campaign closes..

    Many many thanks, 

    Elise Sterback

    Producer - Vibracorp Productions

    3 days left to donate
  • The rematch is on - please redonate!


    Thank you to all of our donors - as you might have seen, our first attempt was unsuccessful - but we got so close!

    Your original donations have been refunded - but please do us a massive solid by redonating to our new campaign - The Motherf**ker with the Hat Rematch.

    We've printed the posters and paid the street artist (Askew One) so now we really need your help to recover those costs. We've lowered our target slightly to $3,000 so we're confident this time it will be a success.

    Click here to donate to our new campaign. 

    See what our audiences think about it in our opening night video here.

    We're not the kind of mofos that give up at the first setback, so please don't give up on us!

    The rematch is on - please redonate!
  • 1 DAY TO GO!


    We've been open for 2 nights now and we've had some rave reviews back already!

    Janet McAllister from The Herald called it a "highly entertaining, funny dramedy which more than lives up to its actual title."

    Theatreview said "The conviction of all of the cast, is astonishing, the Basement's sparse concrete floor adding to the complete displacement of the audience to New York's ‘ghetto'.."

    We have ONE DAY left in our Boosted campaign and we have only $1,000 left to raise - please help us make it happen!


    1 DAY TO GO!
  • Thank you Sir James!


    With only 7 days left in our campaign to go, we were thrilled to receive a donation today from Sir James Wallace and the Wallace Arts Trust - bringing us to a promising 67%!!

    Here's a special thank-you from our cast, director and producer that we took after rehearsal today..


    Thank you Sir James!
  • A diverse bunch of creative mofos..


    We're trying to shake things up in the theatre world by bringing on a diverse bunch of practitioners who have never worked in theatre before..

    Hannah-Lee Turner is a fashion designer and stylist to Ruby Frost and brings her eclectic style to our costume design. (Read more about her in the Viva article attached)

    Laura Smith has worked as an Art Director for film and TV and comes from a fine arts and spatial design background - she's taking some exciting creative risks with our 12m long stage as our set designer, and is even planning to transform the entire Basement Theatre space into a New York apartment. 

    Finn Scholes is an accomplished musician, trained at the Unversity of Auckland's Jazz School and currently leads a band called the Carnivorous Plant Society. He's composing an original soundtrack as our sound designer, that's inspired by New York and has a groovy film noir vibe.

    Sarah-Finnigan Walsh comes on board as our makeup designer, with 7 years experience as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown. 

    And Rachel Marlow is the theatre veteran of the group, making a strong name for herself in the industry as a lighting designer (we thought it best to make sure all our hardwork wasn't performed in the dark!). 

    By bringing together a talented team of creatives we hoped to reflect the arts mecca of NYC and its melting pot of sub-cultures and misfits. 

    But we need your help to reward these people for their time and creative energy, please keep up the donations (we're now at 24%) and help us get this campaign across the line. It's all or nothing on Boosted, so if we don't make our target we don't get to keep what we've raised so far..

    xx The Mofo Team


    A diverse bunch of creative mofos..
  • Who decides what's offensive?


    Our producer Elise Sterback has been having a fun time in the last couple of weeks getting approval to go public with the poster campaign for our foul-titled little production.

    We thought we would share some of that story with you - as we think it's raised some interesting points for discussion about whose role it is to decide what is offensive in our society. 


    Creating the poster art

    We were incredibly lucky to have the super-talented team of designers from Studio Alexander come on board as sponsors for this production. They were particularly excited about creating our posters - and getting to design a concept around such a controversial word.

    The initial concept was a brave one - it featured bold white type over some beautiful stylised imagery of our three lead actors. We were ready to hit the streets with it and see what the response was.


    Caught in a censorship loop

    However we soon found ourselves doing a, not entirely unexpected, censorship dance over the next few weeks. The distributor had a deal with Council that they would abide by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in their placement of posters in public places. 

    This meant we had to get approval from the ASA before going to print, but ASA was not in a position to give out approval, because this would, as they said, be censoring work in the absence of any complaint being made.

    We were caught in a standoff between the ASA and the distributor, which the people we were dealing with in both organisations admitted was bizarre. They said that they personally were not offended by the play's title, understood the concept and admired its design, and supported the artistic production itself. But despite this, were understandably concerned at the risks for their organisation should they permit the campaign to go ahead. 

    We were eventually able to revise the concept and plead our way into going to print.. but the whole process left us musing on some important questions.. 


    Bad words?

    How do we decide what is and isn't offensive, and whose call should it be about where the line is? Why have some words become so taboo in our society? And who are we protecting when we hide them - or, are we just submitting to a conservative few?

    The brilliance of Stephen Adly Guirgis' writing is that it challenges us to re-examine these boundaries - and to find art, beauty and deep meaning in the words of some of our most foul-mouthed offenders. 

    A HUGE thanks to all of you for supporting our Boosted campaign so far! We're now at 23% and climbing, with 11 days to go. Please keep helping us spread the word!

    xx The Mofo Team

    Who decides what's offensive?