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THE MIDDLE WIFE is a short film currently at script stage, but I am passionate about wanting to make this short film for the festival circuit. I am lucky enough to have top Sound Designer Kahra Scott-James on board as Co-Producer and Sound Design. The short has layers that will be enhanced by visual FX and by sound design, and we can already visualise the scenes and look forward to making it. That's where you come in. We will be seeking funding from the usual funding bodies and investors, but kickstarting that process with some crowdfunding will make the project more appealing for funding bodies. We really need around $8000 but we've put a funding goal of $6880 because we know that if we don't reach our goal, we get nothing... so we're hoping we exceed our target and get closer to the $8000 we really need to get this underway. 

What is THE MIDDLE WIFE about?

It is a ghost story set in 1910, about a young wife who just wants her dead body to be buried, instead of left like trash under her husband's house. As a ghost, she tries various ways to try to reveal her husband's abuse, especially after he brings home another young wife. The story is very visual and the audio layers will add to the sense of ethereality and asynchronous existences.

We want to make this and it is a big ask to get others to jump on board and help us, but we have to start it off and start the process of making it while we hunt for additional grants and funding. Once we make this, we are committed to getting it into festivals around the world. Kahra's last short film, TRAP (2018) has already been selected for 34 film festivals, which tells you that she knows how to distribute!

Production costs money, even when friends and favours are involved. There is always catering, locations, transport, post production, Visual Effects, crew, cast, power, gear rental etc.

The themes of domestic violence and the powerlessness of women are as poignant today as they were in 1910. The short film emphasises the need to ask for help and for others to give help to those who are in danger. The young woman in THE MIDDLE WIFE feels helpless in the face of abuse, and feels she has no options,and the film holds up a mirror to society to say, why are we not doing better in that sphere. 

This film will be beautiful. It will be powerful. It will be a strong film.

Be a part of it and we'll put the names of our funders into the credits. Get your name on a short film. :) This type of crowdfunding means you are making a donation towards a passion project, but we will make sure funders get to see it when it is completed. Bear with us, filmmaking takes time.

Support women filmmakers and help make THE MIDDLE WIFE a reality. If you can contribute - THANK YOU.

If you can't contribute, then please share to your networks so that we can reach as many people as possible. Donors can come from surprising places and we appreciate any help we receive.