The Love Affair Music Video

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My name is ZVI and I am a New Zealand born solo artist, a soulful acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter.

I am a classically trained guitarist and have evolved a contemporary style of crossover playing that combines a popular, percussive, classical and Spanish fusion instrumental style with voice and lyrics that explores our deepest emotions. Vocally I am giving voice to the human soul that needs to be voiced!

That's where you come in... I have recently recorded a new song called "The Love Affair" and want to create a music video to go with it. I have been in contact with last year's NZ Vodafone Music Video Award Winner Chris Lane with his music video "Inside Out" for Avalanche City, and he is very interested to work with me.

I need to raise $5k to get this project underway, and your help however small will help me to make this happen. For many of you whom know me and have watched me over the years get to where I am, know how much a few dollars will help me.

You have all stuck with me over the years as amazing support and inspiration for me so now I call upon you to be part of my journey and come on board by helping me create something beautiful that will last forever.

To give you an idea of the quality I set for myself please visit my webpage and view my latest music video which is in the Vodafone Music Awards this year: www.zviivz.com

We all have dreams however those that accept and ask for help along the way are more likely to make it!

Love & Peace

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